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New release – pulse I’m publishing for personal development – self CONSCIOUSLY perceive themselves. Life positive encounter, author: Constance Quirmbach new release December 2008 who ‘Yes’ says to himself, can live happier and more satisfied. This practical and simple realization is a principle which the author took in their lives consulting (design consultancy). They support people to accept themselves and to meet. /a> understands that this is vital information. Sets the personal self support arise repeatedly in contact with people seeking advice. People learn to see themselves positively and by changing the viewing angle to improve their emotional state and States of being. With this book, the author would like to further open the door to a positive view of the world readers.

Acceptance, trust, responsibility, and life in the present moment are the ground emerged on the 70 affirmations and texts of the book “I’m here”. Thanks to conscious perception of own thoughts can be unconsciously constricting Identify beliefs and limiting prospects for the future. This itself leads to a deeper understanding and makes change possible. The texts are supplemented by exercises to the self-perception. Stories and quotes to deepen the nVerstandnis of positive thoughts. Human mental basic needs come to the language and the question how anyone in his own personal way to greater internal satisfaction can find. In particular the author would like to encourage, felt vitality and to support himself quite deliberately positive in everyday life. “I’m here” contains all images and sets of cards in the Pocket format, expanded by descriptions, where the images are created, and the associations of the author to a possible internal link between subject and affirmation in addition to the texts.

Excerpt from the first chapter of arrive: an unusual book that is full of contradictions. It is about letting go of the mind and yet targeted to control his thoughts. It deals in us with encounters, even take place, but in the world. It prompts to accept his fate, and yet even in the hand take brave and powerful to pursue its own goals. The texts in this book are a plea for a conscious, positive attitude towards life. Located in a wooden house in the middle of the forest on a Lake on the East coast of Canada, I found a life attitude, where I can feel the meaning and happiness. It is a quiet happiness that I experience here. The original nature pulled me with its wild beauty at first glance in its spell. The quiet seclusion has given me many Begegnungten with me and inspired me over and over again to an inner journey. “I feel: I’m on my way.” Bibliographic information: I am Constance Quirmbach as self CONSCIOUSLY perceive themselves. POSITIVE encounter alive.

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