Julia Roberts

In the blessed of the Soviet era, when the great country did not have sex, and thus prostitution srednestaticheskie citizens know about this phenomenon only from foreign films and books about Soviet spies. Now, about prostitutes know all this and the profession, against the backdrop of the crisis turns into an ancient respectable. So, how many types of prostitution exist in our country? At least six. And all these kinds of prstitutok present in Kiev. We begin with bottom.

The first type – prostitutes station – the cheapest prostitutes in Kiev. Fortunately they were not a lot. Their age ranged from 12 to 50 years. For even more details, read what Janet Yellen says on the issue. It's street children, dysfunctional families, alcohol and drugs. Clients they have the same dysfunctional and payment of appropriate, plus a very good chance to pick up a bouquet of something sexually transmitted. Number two – street prostitutes. This is a more privileged class.

Here and clients more seriously and more money. True majority part of them goes to the pimps, but the girls at the pins remain. Sometimes, however, and gets, from both the customer-psychotics, as well as themselves from their pimps. The honorable third place – the prostitutes at hotels and saunas. Every self-respecting Hotel has a staff of maids, which can be accessed by telephone and offer the customer, the same goes for saunas. The amount of remuneration depends from the fashionable establishments. Very often, the hotel staff in contact with the pimp, or pimps who supply and girls. Fourth place – massage parlors. Under the names of most of them lurk about legal brothels. For some amount of client massage, a few big money, he get a couple of masseuses and erotic massage, topless, and if you pay more, served in full. Placed such shops and rent an apartment, and in mansions. It all depends on the level of the cabin. Fifth place – higher in the hierarchy prostitutes of our capital employed "at his uncle, took escort girls and elite Kiev escort. Usually this model, the former and even real get a few photo shoots, or hoping to get them. Their task is to accompany these VIPov not balk if the client asks for something more than a campaign to rout, and friendly conversation. Many girls go to an escort in order to marry an oligarch, but the history of beauty in the performance of Julia Roberts in life repeats are rare. And finally those who do not want to bend your back or something else to pimp (the owner of the cabin, it.p.), the so-called ". In the 90's there were cooperators, these days – . In fact, they are prostitutes, switched to self-sufficiency and self-financing. The most common method of their work – placing several nude images on Web sites and phone sex, dating and waiting for customers. Then he talks and a visit to thirsty for affection, less likely to prompt the client to himself. The risk of course is, but to share and earnings do not. Such is today the Ukrainian market of selling love. Anticipate that with the development of Internet-based technologies will soon have virtual brothels, but that's another story.

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