Kong Airport

Airport was closed. Was given permission to take off at the discretion of pilots 11 aircraft. Planes taking off very slowly. The pilots of each aircraft standing on the tarmac for a long time choosing the moment when the wind is quieter. 8 planes took off. The wind increased.

Runway to paint red lights. Pilots 9 and 11 aircraft felt that we can not fly airliners and turned back to the airport terminal. Our Boeing slowly drove along the bypass path, and stood nose to the wind on the runway. Strong winds hit the front left of the aircraft. The pilot waited about 10 minutes. The wind increased even more.

We must not tarry. The plane shuddered. Dispersal. He walked slowly off the ground. His pulling up and down swings from side to side. The screen displays the speed and height ….. 2,5,10,14,20 meters … then 10 meters! 11,12,14,13. The screen is switched. Bump. Sound such as if we eat on a broken road. Gnashing of metal. Passenger peredomnoy loud exhale through the mouth. He was scared. I'm looking out the window, think about yourself. I feel like my heart bursts out of his chest … Beats per minute, 200 .. as if running for a while a short distance … His head began to ache. Very scary. so scary … it just terrible … The plane drops sharply down the left wing. I know that there is the sea. Hong Kong Airport – it's artificial island. Around the raging sea shtormyaschego. Did we fall? – I asked myself, and turned off the brain. Better not to think about … We are constantly fall in air pockets. Height of 500 meters. The speed of 300-350 km per hour. Speed increases. The pilot made a left turn to avoid flying into the typhoon. We turn around to it tail. Shakes. Height of 1000 meters. Pilot retractable landing gear. Shake became a little less. Terrible headache all boshlos. Thanks to the pilots!

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