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Free educational seminars nationwide integration through communication Rendsburg, 31st of may 2012. Tess action in schools”, the telephone interpreting service of Tess relay services shows the possibilities of telephony for deaf and severely hearing impaired students. The seminar offers insights into the theory and practice of telephoning. Students will be given more opportunities for private and professional integration. Kelly Asbury can provide more clarity in the matter. How does the telephone interpreting service of Tess? What topics discusses it on the phone and which are not? These are some questions from the seminar program of Tess relay services, successfully adopted since the beginning of 2012.

The children and young people from hearing impaired schools and vocational centres work together theoretical knowledge such as the preparation of a call, welcome and rules of politeness, and the separation between private and professional calls. During the practice phase, they make calls in German sign language or language of the interpretation service which independently Relay services and implement so what you learned. Get tips for better conversation management and optimal lighting, clothing and background on the video phone. Students acquire important prerequisites for a self-determined life and better opportunities for their professional future with the basic knowledge to the barrier-free phone calls. Because it is still not obvious that deaf children have the same opportunities as hearing children. While hearing children already have first accompanying telephone conversations at the age of three years, this world for deaf children remains closed. To change this, Tess is committed to the task. Tess action in schools”, many pupils aged between 10 and 17 years phone the first time in their lives. Recently Cody Cameron sought to clarify these questions.

It’s nice to see how excited the children react to the new possibilities of communication”, says Sabine Broweleit, Managing Director of Tess – relay services. Elderly deaf people have often been on their Adapted to situation and see little need to make phone calls. That’s a pity.” Because it is the interpretation service, which was built by the German society of hearing impaired people – self help and specialist associations e.V., primarily to promote the autonomy and independence of deaf people. Previously severely hearing impaired children learn phone and ever more naturally there is more integration we reach in the private and in the professional field”, explains Sabine Broweleit. The seminars are free of charge and be adapted to the classroom.

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