Respect for these items might seem to conflict with Article 25U, which urges the practitioner to inform parents the information due to the fact that this is a minor, however, yes that would be implementing the articles, as they refer to the treatment of the information we recibida.a Step 2. Alternative hypotheses about the problem with the information we have, we have identified a problem of bullying and, in this moment, you could start the second stage of the model, referring to the need to consider alternatives to the problem. It is necessary to explore other possibilities, other ways of perceiving the problem, for example, asking for help to colleagues specializing in this case, professionals in child care and child abuse. However, and although it is always advisable, as expressed in the Guidelines (point 2.2.) Of COPC, listening, attending and giving credibility to such statements made by children and adolescents, in principle, we only have information from the student. There have been no interviews with his family and social circle (friends /-as, co / as). The only interview he has done the psychologist than its own demand has been a consultation with the tutor of the student, and there has been no other evidence to confirm the case. Therefore, and considering this, an alternative hypothesis we could make would be that no case of bullying, and these may be a warning to the student, which identified the problem would not be a case of abuse but we would be very different to another.

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