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The most important thing is not the price a wholesaler of computer science who has pretensions of stay in this market, and more in times of crisis, must have a clear maxim, the most important thing is not the price and we will not tire of repeating it. We have to acknowledge that the price is important, as are other aspects that some computer distributors/wholesalers do not give importance, such as deadlines, the time consumed in solving problems generated in the aftermarket, the possibility of having different forms of payment, among others. The bass is also important freight cost, having a transport agency of prestige which undertakes to deliver in good state and at term, so that integration components are quality and assembled by qualified personnel and as not, a provider that will supply you practice all of everything that you need, saving you time and economic costs. He is supposed to do so is the wholesaler of computer science.

There are numerous factors that a good computer wholesaler you have to combine to make its prestige and reputation, competition, a reference for users. A large number of computer wholesalers continue prioritizing a few factors on others, being much more important a good combination of all of them so that the customer is always satisfied, is the product that brand that is and no matter what either its price. Who is this computer wholesaler? The answer will get it in as well claim their clients: Blanyai, is one of the few wholesalers computer at the national level which is highly specialised in the manufacture of personal computers to measure, of any type, and reanme that we know what we are speaking, have more than 15 years assembling computers, although in recent years they have seen increased its portfolio with new products. The first products to appear after its specialization in the Assembly were the integration components and peripherals, then later were the laptops to those who joined ink, both original and compatible and day of today, modding, POS terminals, televisions, digital cameras, printers, speakers, gps are several products that Blanyai has had to incorporate.. nother great source of information.

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