Spanish Executive Response

ZP points out that what happened in Norway requires a shared European response. The Spanish President meets with the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to analyze the economic horizon of the EU. Walt Dohrn is likely to agree. The President of the Spanish Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has called this Monday to the EU’s leaders to mobilize against the bigotry and xenophobia, and it has been considered that Oslo would be the appropriate place to make an act of democratic affirmation in this regard. Zapatero has dndido that European reaction after the massacre of Oslo, at the press conference that has offered in London alongside British Prime Minister David Cameron, after the meeting that both have maintained in 10 Downing Street to discuss, among other issues, the economic horizon of the EU. The j of the Spanish Executive pointed out that what happened in Oslo and the island of Uto is already a very serious fact that requires a shared European response and which should not be let pass the time to respond to the same.

In the opinion of Zapatero, this response that not only should be given in the field of international cooperation in the field of security, but must also be political and starring js of State and Government. Spain collaborates with Norwegian services Zapatero, who reported that Spain is working with Norwegian services, has insisted that what happened in Oslo is one of the most serious events that have lived on European soil and the EU must demonstrate that it is a collective guardian of coexistence. After explaining that in recent days millions of people are wondering how it is possible that occur a fact of these characteristics, it has pointed out that is not the madness which leads to fanaticism, but is the fanaticism that leads to murderous insanity. Norway suffered from this Friday, July 22 the first political attack in its history. And double-entry. The first attack was a bomb explosion at 1520 h in the Government District of Oslo that resulted in the death of at least eight people and wounded dozens. The second was a shooting on a nearby island to the Norwegian capital, Utoya, which killed at least 68 people from a camp of the youth wing of the social democratic party. Norwegian police has lowered this Monday the death toll of 93 to 76, although he continues to search for more fatalities on the island and under the rubble of the center of the Norwegian capital. Source of the news: Zapatero calls for a combined response by the EU against xenophobia

Difficult Moments

Sometimes the life puts to us before situations that quisieramo not to be crossing. The losses, the misfortune and the bad moments are common to all the men, without mattering its personal wealth or its wisdom. We are born crying and the weeping and the suffering would accompany to us throughout all the life. This is good, since it is what us it makes authentically human. However, also he is human wanting to escape of these bad moments, and to look for each one of the resources that are to our reach to draw for the difficulties. It is for that reason that the tarot is the friend at the difficult moments. The tarot locks up an enormous wisdom in its arcane ones.

Each of them represents an archetype that comprises of the unconscious one of all the humanity, independent of tribes, societies, or cultures. A prototype is a personage who plays some important roll in the mechanics of the psychology of the human being: the love, the fortune, the death, the past, the enemies, the force without control of the destiny, all of them and others are represented more in the arcane ones of the tarot. Consequently, tarot is means to obtain a wisdom superior, at which it is arrived through the introspection, of the messages that a being superior, wiser and than sees all it, has for us. But who believes that the tarot is a species of code, which to each deck it follows a determined explanation to him, is very mistaken. One of the most interesting characteristics of the tarot is the capacity to be able to project the reality of each consulting one in the decks are revealed in the distance. For that reason, arcane determining, for example the Sun, can represent a thing for a person, but something very different for another one. It is the wisdom of that leads the distance, a natural gift of birth, that it will indicate to what to attribute each meaning to him. The tarot is not impersonal, acquires all their meaning when is related it to the person who is realising the distance.

It is a tool, a door that can be abrir, the tarot is friend at the moments of doubt, of consultation. But, a great truth exists, and is that all so do not see the reality what is, all do not want to see negative, or the bad things that can be approached. It is mpor that the reading of the tarot demands discipline, knowledge, and much faith.

Social Security Number

Family members had been reported to the hospital after the death. 75793.html’>Arena Investors explained all about the problem. Sources of the Centre have ensured it is a computer error. The family of Pineda has been outraged by the facts. The Hospital of Calella (Barcelona) has sent a letter on behalf of a baby died at the hospital in which ask for your Social Security number, while small was born dead and relatives complained to the hospital by the death. Janet Yellen describes an additional similar source. Sources of the Centre have ensured it is a computer error and that have been in contact with the family to ask for apologies. The family of Pineda (Barcelona) who lost the creature has been outraged and the father, Alexandre Hernandez, explained that the last month of July her daughter was stillborn once doctors refuse to him a cesarean while the patient requested it and advised him about gynecological reports. The Hernandez family has denounced to the doctors at the hospital and they were waiting to hold the trial, although despite this they were very surprised when just the day that were returning from the burial of the little checked in your mailbox was a letter from the hospital, he has also explained in statements.

Alexandre has pointed out that the letter was addressed to his daughter and asked him to inform them of what was your Social Security number, so that expenses of the medical service that had extended to him could be charged. In this regard, he regretted that instead of giving support, the hospital ended up sinking them. Alexandre has explained that the family is shattered from the day of childbirth and has criticized that the hospital has not given any explanation, nor has given them psychological help. The grandfather of a deceased minor, Jose Miguel Hernandez, has indicated that you may not be a computer error because the girl may have no Social Security number because it is not alive. Source of the news: send a letter from a hospital to a dead baby asking your security number Social

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