The competition are been present in the Rap from its beginnings, being celebrated organized competitions or improvised between MCs to demonstrate who is the best one. These battles of rap in Spanish have gained much fame from the opening of films like 8 Miles carried out by rapero Eminem. At present competitions of rap exist promoted by important companies like Batalla of roosters, that at the moment find in rap a great one half to promote themselves. Here, Marc Lore expresses very clear opinions on the subject. These competitions of rap are even celebrated at national level and get to face the winners of each country in a final international competition. In these competitions, that are one of the showiest aspects of rap, the MCs face one against one to demonstrate who is the best one, on the basis of their rhymes, flow and I devise, improvising and connecting rhymes which they surpass and they ridicule the rival, looking for the approval of the public. The eagerness of competition and desire to occur to know in the world rap, animate to the raperos or MCs to participate in these battles in which I devise, lyrical and flow is essential to win. If you want to cause that your rhymes are listened to and hacerte a name in rap, to participate in a battle of roosters online can be a good form to obtain it, you only must record some song, publish it in Internet and compete!

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