History Of Computer Programming

History The concept of programming devices that work after a predefined set of instructions traces back to Greek Mythology, Hephaestus, and in particular its mechanical servants. Antikythera mechanism was a calculator that uses mechanisms of various sizes and configurations to determine its operation. The earliest known programmable machines (machines whose behavior can be controlled and predicted with a set of instructions) were Programmable Automatic Al-Jazari's in 1206. One of the robots Al-Jazari's was originally a boat with four automatic musicians that floated on a lake to entertain guests at royal drinking bouts. Programming the behavior of the mechanism meant to put guidelines and fists in a wooden drum in certain locations. They are then cut into small levers that control the tool stroke. Strokes occurred on the small drummer play different rhythms.

Another sophisticated programmable machine Al-Jazari clock castle was known for his concept of variables, which the operator can control as needed (ie, length of day and night). Jacquard, that Joseph Marie Jacquard developed in 1801, used a series of cards with holes in them prosvelennymi. The hole was a sample, for which the loom had to follow in weaving cloth. Loom could produce a text using different sets of cards. Charles Babbage made using cards with holes approximately in 1830 to manage his Analytical Engine. Synthesis of numerical calculations, the predefined operations and products, along of the way to organize and implement instruction in a manner that is relatively easy to understand and written by people led to the development of modern programming. (As opposed to Maddie Taylor). Development program has accelerated since the industrial revolution. The sample hole is a model, for which the loom had to follow in weaving cloth.

Loom could produce entirely different, weaves using different sets of cards. Charles Babbage took beaten about the use of cards in 1830 to manage his Analytical Engine. Synthesis of numerical calculations, the predefined operations and products, along with a way to organize and implement instruction in a manner relatively easy for people to conceive and produce, has led to the development of modern programming. Development program was accelerated after the Industrial Revolution. At the end of 1880th Herman Hollerith invented the recording of data on environment, which could then be read by machine. Previous use of machine-readable media, not allowed to control data. "After some initial testing with a paper tape punch cards, he moved to … ' That handle these punch cards, first known as the 'Hollerith punch card', he invented the tabulator, and the key stroke machines. These three inventions were foundation of modern information processing industry. In 1896 he founded Tabulyatornuyu Machinery Co. (which later became part of IBM). Update control panel to his 1906 Type I allowed this Tab to do different jobs without the need for physical presence. By the late 1940s was many patch panel programmable machines, called the report equipment unit to perform data processing tasks (reading maps). Early programmers used to patch panels variety of complex calculations that require a newly designed machines.

Sports Clubs

Most often, when a person acquires a subscription to the sports club, he promises himself that would often go there, not missing a workout, and, in general, will be well done. However, over time the interest is held, and marches on classes occur more rarely, in which, understandably, the club was not interested. Or, imagine a situation where an administrator requires a sports club ping a list of clients and inform them of the change in schedule or the latest fitness program. Often, this implies a headache for employees who are forced sits on the phone and wasting valuable time on the rung. Although, at first, and in II-m options rather be applied answering machine or program-reminder. Have the product Call Office mailing sms with a reminder of the need to attend the training, if the customer has not visited her for a long time. Even with his support, for example, it is possible sometimes remind customers schedule, just by sms. Call Office, as the answering machine, is comfortable because it allows you to shape services to inform at least some difficulty, customized to the needs of a particular company. Text mailing while you compose yourself, it can be both formal and contain only pertinent information (time, name of the course, fees), as a free, in the manner in which you're communicating with the client (and This, again, include the required information.) The big plus in choosing programs from Call Office to send sms would be that to use it absolutely does not require special equipment, it is installed on the computer everyday, and work is done with a regular gsm modem. Also, the program is elementary to use, and does not need special skills to use it, and the data for mailing can be comfortable in almost any format you need – as ordinary text files and spreadsheets exel, and complex databases.

Linked Table Manager

As a file server can act as a shared folder (with open access for all), which placed a file of data objects (with the base tables). Hopefully, on whether to split the database doubt no. It remains to solve the question of how to do it. There are two options: make a new blank database, click the box to the base right, select the shortcut menu, “Import” or “File – Get External Data – Import,” and further dialogue. As a result, the base will be imported (copied) table. Remove the table from the database, from which makes imports, and connect it to the new database tables. do division database using the wizard: “Tools – Utilities – Division of bases data “and then in the dialogue.

Connecting to the same “server” (the base of the tables) is very simple – press the right button in the window base application object (where the shape and everything else), choose the context menu “Link Tables” or “File – Get External Data – Link Tables” and then in the dialogue. Ray Clemence is often mentioned in discussions such as these. As a result of our database, a shortcut tables, and marked with arrows on the left, which means that the external table. Additional information is available at Drew Brees. Limitation when working with tables – You can not change their structure (add, edit fields, etc.) in this database. Can only be one in which they were created (are). But it is better, if we decide to do a split basis, the design immediately create two databases mdb: in one place tables in another, all the rest. ussion. Thus, the base is divided.

Let me remind you, the main advantage of separating the base – the ability to create a network application. Imagine: one of the networked computers, create a folder “base” open to it share (to the same open access and the disk on which you installed Access, generally “C”), and put it in a file of data objects (with the base tables). Other computers place copies of files the application objects (database with forms reports, etc.) and connect them to our “server”. It turned out a network application – many users enter data in one database. Such an application called “File – server” as a “server” serves file data objects. But let’s say, for some reason the location of the “server” has changed – the folder “base” move. As users run their applications, they will have a message that the table is not found. In this case, right-click on the icon in the application table users, the shortcut menu, select “Linked Table Manager”, mark the tables, the path that you want to update, or click “Select All”, then “OK” and then on dialogue. All of these actions are done by hand. But can all this be done programmatically?

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