The Wait

After almost one day all of hunted, the man already this in the way in return, when it sights in a twig of tree one macuco, species of bird of great transport, more than fast the man makes target, in this instant a voice says: – you bush but do not eat. It then turns the face the search who had said that, not finding nothing and thinking to be about its imagination he makes target again, and the voice becomes to repeat as that an acknowledgment fnebre, you bush but it does not eat, looks for around and makes target again at the same time that the voice threat again, you bush but do not eat, then irritated the man making target and not wanting to lose the pose speaks, then I want to see if not as, and pulling the trigger he kills the bird that goes to tumble next to humid land, smiling the caboclo he places the bird in the bornal and has broken pra house, without giving the due importance for the acknowledgment that said, YOU BUSH BUT DO NOT EAT! Arriving in house, without losing time the man commands the wife so that the bird cleans and prepares, therefore after bath would go to eat the same immediately, without understanding but not wanting to oppose the husband, the woman makes what it are asked for of form that 30 minutes later the bird already was cozida and on the table the wait of the husband. It then sits down it table, places in its plate, next to a good amount of white flour and gravy, observes it to the woman, when the mouth goes to take the spoon, of snap arregala the eyes takes the hands to the chest and falls to the soil as that fulminado for a strange force that takes off it the life giving validity the forecast of the voice that it said, you bush but do not eat. Because we do not believe what we do not see, we prefer to pay pra to see? The respect is the holy ghost, when the stranger if presents it has a reason, in the cost not to respect, the man paid with the life the disrespect to the stranger, if the voice said that you bush more do not eat, in the certainty had an explanation, but the arrogance human being hinders in to understand them the designs the holy ghosts.. Frank Ntilikina: the source for more info.

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