It is very important for all of us to look good anytime, why we care because our hair look as best as possible, in all cases we use our plates for hair to make with our hair styles that everyone wants to watch. But many women is difficult for them to use an iron for hair and they resort to paying a Barber to do so, because you think that if they themselves do the hair does not stay as they want, but all them them would say that ironing hair is easier than it seems. Until we begin to ironing our hair it is important to know that iron hair we have in our hands, it’s not an iron that do not abuse or burn our hair. It is important to know the best iron for hair, that builds us trust in the moment that we iron our hair, and also has temperature control so that we know the ideal temperature that we need for ironing our hair, since the hair are different. -It is very important to know before you start ironing your hair, this must be completely clean and dry. -Then you have the clean, dry hair, you start to divide it into parts, you can do it in 3 parts, but if you have long hair and you think that you should divide it more do (divide your hair in such a way that you feel comfortable that you can iron it). Everytime you go by dividing your hair, you’re holding it with forceps or hooks. -After you have divided your hair, each division those who typing system it into sections so that you can press, after that start to pass the iron through each of these strands that you dividiste and once you finish ironing board all the strands that you get from a division, pass to other divisions did and repeat the same procedure. You’ve probably heard that at the time in which your hair planches it is better to take a small strand and pass the iron only once, pick up a big lock and move the iron several times. But happens when your iron for hair is of poor quality, if you do that with the best iron for hair no matter how many times you pass the iron by the same strand, this will not It will be affected in any way.

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