The American Dream? Are We Really Free ?

The promises of the American Dream (have it all and enjoy it all, based on materialistic values system) has been held captive and threatening to take our power and freedom away, without our knowledge, like a thief in the night. Consciously or unconsciously we make daily decisions to either be a master of our own ship or destiny, if you will, or be a slave to your own circumstances and with other people * s expectations and beliefs that don * t serve our most and high purpose. After all, it * s your life script – and claim to discover how your own personal power can truly transform your life to be an adventure to be lived, not a problem to solve. Life becomes more of a struggle only when we are faithful to our vocation and we give our power. Superficial / external values are indeed the last owner of slaves who demand nothing less than our full attention, and the sacrifice of our power and freedom. To be truly happy and fulfilled, one must feel free. However, in a culture that worships the external values, and is governed by the promises of the American Dream (to the point where we become slaves to our addictions), one can * t help but wonder if we are truly free America, Land of the free. Just when we thought that slavery ended with the Civil War, the rat race that we are all caught, to get * * painfully reminds us that there are still many slaves of us who disguise themselves as successful people.

But appearances can be deceiving. Behind every appearance of having it all and enjoy everything, stay prisoners and victims of the promises of the American dream. And, sadly, those who make the American dream (after considerable sacrifice) eventually realize that upon arrival * no * no * not * exist. Over time we discovered that there is definitely more to life than material success. * T Is not it time to regain their own power and freedom and declare their own independence? It * s easy to do if you become aware and develop their own spirituality. Remember that knowledge and the way to the discovery and recovery run parallel.

When you realize your true nature, ie beyond the man-made, narrow definition, * ll be surprised to discover the true freedom, real success and real joy that have been overlooked due to limited awareness, misconceptions and false belief systems perpetuated by the American dream, reinforced by Hollywood and the media. If you want to live with purpose and meaning and want to experience the difference between life consciously and unconsciously, to live with the motto: * He with the most joys lives, * not * him with the most toys, life .* Do not underestimate the power to change yourself and even the world – be somebody * s hero. All you have to do to break free is to resist the temptation to live their lives according to interpretation of what someone expects to be, do or have. Listen to your heart and live by their rules. * "Why should not it? After all, it * s YOUR life and the dream of your file.

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