The Bill

Well, I'm leaving for me to do the fix you need, and now he will come tomorrow. – As you wish. The next day I leave work and go to the dealer as soon as I can, and I need the car. For more specific information, check out Joe Stillman. – Hey, come to my car. – Oh, I do not know if you can be …

as he has warned that coming …, should be alerted in time, man! – But if I told you yesterday that he would come today and not put any hits. – The fact is that we left this morning to borrow another client who needed it, and of course, if you had told us, we would have here, we should have called before. – I do not understand all I want to talk to the head of the dealership, I file a claim. – Complain, complain, no problem … I talk to the boss, and after struggling with it, I get to bring my car.

I will pay the bill, and I find another little surprise. – And these twenty euros? – Are the escrow service, because we care for your car. Or perhaps how much it would cost to have it in a parking lot? Pay the bill, and go from there quickly, before they can think of other things you would charge me. Pinch me to see if I'm dreaming, this is real, it seems so incredible … Incredible? This case is not as implausible as it seems extraordinary, all you have done is change the field of use.

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