The Dog Box – Optimal Security On Every Ride For Dog And Owner

Box for dogs in the car can save lives many motorists are now aware and now loyal followers of a very special dogs box, which has set the standard processing and security equipment, and still are: the crate Variocage by small metal. Source: Chris Berman. What is the Variocage dog box? The Variocage box is a special metal and aluminum construction. It is available as single – or double-box as well as compact box. Size all possible variants are available, so that none must remain open. Particularly useful for all models is the possibility of the depth adjustment, which the Variocage can be adjusted to the depth of the trunk again if E.g.

for the holiday the car is once changed. The purchase of several kennels is therefore superfluous. The combination of aluminium and metal also brings another advantage: the boxes are much lighter than pure steel structures. Which vehicles is the box? There is no practically hardly a car for the Variocage box would be suitable. The online search on the home page of small metal transport systems is perfect and user friendly for the quick vehicle check. There are models of universal, but it can be searched also specifically required vehicle type.

This is chosen not only by car brand and model, but also the series of car into account. Then, the system displays the available models of the Variocage including delivery times and prices, as well as all information available to the model. Crash test and TuV certified quality for optimum security all Variocage models is a special feature together: they have passed all detailed TuV tests and crash tests, in the segment “Heckcrashes” as well as “Behavior in the rough”. What is it? The secret is the unique, built-in deformation zone, which ensures in case of an accident, that decomposes the box not in pieces, which can become dangerous projectiles in the car, but that the dog box stable remains.

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