The Emperor Tarot Cards

The Charter of the Emperor Emperor represents law and order, agreement to a masculine, structured and consistent model. It embodies an individual with a predisposition to be sober and responsible, capable of devising courses of Action objectives and realistic. Divinatory level, means that something desired, planned or prepared for a long time, and that specific now. It symbolizes the will, strength and the decision to protect the achievements made. His energy, protects and sustains life. His power is impulsive and determined and dynamic appearance.

This letter expresses fully the earthly power that can influence the things that surround him. Right: This letter means the material, the earthly power, which seeks knowledge should dominate on the world of the elements, to get it before you must learn the meaning of these elements by exemplary conduct. This letter is demonstrative of wealth, stability, completeness, speaks of a strong person, perhaps of a patriarchal figure, the husband, father and even the brother, the eldest with fortitude and perseverance to achieve their goals, cultured person competent that it is prepared to listen to advice from others but it will remain firm in their convictions. Key words: Power, will, energy, certainty, constancy, firmness, rigor, accuracy, fairness and positivism. The newspapers mentioned gymnast not as a source, but as a related topic. Realization. Powerful protector. Inverted: The meaning can be summarized in one word, immaturity, as consequence of this will be indecision.

We speak of a character weak, fickle, unable to cope with the problems keywords: stubbornness, lack of idealism. Stubborn adversary. Falling, loss of the goods. Interpretations: In concrete terms: protection, domain, mental activity and power to declare war. Fruits are received as a result of the action. At work: Executive with gifts of command. After the effort is rewarded the tenacity with success. In money: flows generously, there are reservations. Good management, not spent on unnecessary things. In friendship: loyalty and kindness, without too much expression. Insecurity. Family: his clan should stay together because his authority and pride so require.Health: take care of tension in neck and back, migraines.In love: good lover and counselor, little comprehensive that always wants to do in their own way.

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