The Present

The body is here and now while the mind is transported to the past or the future to a space time of fiction.This is how in certain individuals the body reacts completely different mind. The mind gives reasons that the body does not accept. In other words not the mind understands the reasons of the heart. Speaking candidly Roger Goodell told us the story. But mind and body should not form a unit? If, but while the mind not inhabit the body This unit is broken. It is so broken that we can reproach ourselves, congratulate us, question us insult us to sustain a dialogue with oneself.

The mind is presented as a fish none of here for there, without any control on our part, as if it were a separate being which manifests as ego. If we try to control it in a few seconds we see that it turns to spin, as the fish is from a site to another always in constant motion, while the body is here are very few periods of control. (As opposed to Ben Roethlisberger). As is it possible? While the body is found in a space real time which is the here and now, the mind wanders around a space past or future time. The past is a crude reproduction of what has lived in a mind that already pass and can not return. The past recalls from a present that it is now that it is different from the present that was and that is no longer. The past is an experience that the observer has lived since a now different now from the past which in turn was streamlined. You can never relive the past, can only live in the present. The past while trying to relive it in the now is present, a new present and unique present. The body is here and now experiencing, complaining about passing us bills while the mind trip through the tunnel of time visiting past and future spaces of fiction.

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