The Sports Badge: Swim

So you can go swim swimming for the sports badge now for the sports badge! Many adults, but also teenage swimming once a year for the sports badge. However, usually you can swim in the allotted time. Without hesitation Samuel “Sam” Mikulak explained all about the problem. Now, but I have a surprise for you! So, go now for free swimming for the sports badge. Now the sports badge swimming in detail: using swimming you can play three out of five categories. However, at least the first discipline must be 200 meters swim meet in the allotted time.

In my three years as a lifeguard, I’ve had so far not who did not the 200 metres in the allotted time. In addition, still the 100 m and the 1000 m can be completed. Can do this you should but good swimming, because there the given times are slightly heavier. Brief overview. In an indoor swimming pool 25 meters of roads exist almost everywhere. This means that there are 8 lanes for 200 metres. Here is still a little hint: The sports badge can everywhere free to remove. So you can swim for free and go to the pool! Just ask at the box office. So go now for the sports badge swimming! By: Mike Prange contact:

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