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Proof of competence by operating for leading Canadian energy trusts; Fund extension to more ‘cream pieces’ return Turbo for second participation Berlin, 03.12.2010. Hardly POC proven oil had announced a remaining emission volume of eight million Canada Managing Director Monika Galba, a clearly calculated portfolio of producing oil sources has been purchased for the already comes next, auspicious offering. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Al Bumbry. We gained four oil and gas area transactions with a significant additional potential for a price for our investors in the context of the total volume of 28 million euro of equity, which ensure the forecast reduced by 12 percent per year plus profit share normal experience. Therefore we have decided against the background of rising prices, to close the POC two GmbH & co. KG with this volume.

We would exclude however our investors by a special investment opportunity, if we don’t act now and expand the Fund”, the POC Chief explained. Over a six-year negotiated COC conserve oil Corporation, the POC partner in Canada, with one of the leading insurers in North America, until this very attractive package of sources could be taken over. The total portfolio is acquired in both POC and a well-known financial investor to 40 percent each, as well as two of the biggest energy trusts of Canada for a total of 20 percent. The Canadians by COC is used to control the production measures, the so-called operating what is a clear sign of their recognition as oil professionals. While the management did not expect first, that it would come to a conclusion this year. Finally everything went very quickly. We however cannot be pressured us and have found a special scheme within the meaning of the investors”, explains Monika Galba. “” This scheme, you could write to with you all may have nothing but “, stipulates that the POC may place up to 12 million euros” – the financial investor assumes the rest then.

Who is details look at, will understand why Fund Managing Director Galba can withhold this investment their investors: then the sources could be purchased 22 percent below the fair market value, where the evaluator Sproule has evaluated only the proven reserves. Simplified one could say that is the purchase price significantly below market value. The source characterized also potential a high upside, which can also be implemented on behalf of investors during the period. Allow this additional profit potential but only the companies that specialise in this field of business: A core area of the POC/COC group. Thus we offer an additional profit potential not only in the first Fund but also in the second, which is already included in the purchase price”, explains the Fund Managing Director. Expressed in figures, this new package offers a yield potential in the high double-digit range, for example in the baseline scenario after deduction of all fund costs by 19.4 percent. This, however, are the described upside potential still not taken into account. This could significantly increase the revenue of the Fund. For investors, the special opportunity presents itself so well last time with the with the POC two GmbH & co. KG 10.000 euros in a fund involved to be characterized by high yield expectations from current production and an interesting upside potential. The clearly defined and thus calculable portfolio of producing oil and gas wells offers a special additional incentive.

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