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Catch of the day part 2! The madness continues approaching the fourth advent, Christmas is just around the corner, that means Sprint when purchasing a gift. “And how each year ask yourself many parents, grandparents, aunts and relatives: Let’s what to get the children?” It is also not always easy. Changing tastes and wishes of kids is often faster than look you can let alone buy. For all helpless Gift Finder, Heelywelt now has the ultimate Tip: Heelywelt is the 18.12 – announced the catch of the day – here there is a pair of Heelys of type of no. bones Hi 7492 at a sensational price of action only 69,90 EUR (instead of Euro 99.90). For those who don’t know it yet: Heelys, these fun sneakers with the removable wheels in the soles are. They come from the United States and have conquered the Teenieherzen so to speak in the rolling speed.

That on the day of action between 0 and 24 hours on the Internet via Hi are offered no. bones to the absolute favourites in the teens. They are highly tailored, black with white logo and not only for the use of rolling, but can be used as a normal running shoe. And just to leave the boys and girls so: morning into the cool sneakers and “sole” to school lunch just the roles under there and head off in the direction of leisure! Who wants to let the great offer not to be missed, should mark the 18.12 red in the calendar. Because on this day the No. bones hi to the said budget. By the way: Who wants to give away a pair of Heelys for Christmas, but concerning the model still not sure is still a good alternative: a Heelywelt voucher of 20, 50 or 100 euros! Since the or the recipient can choose yourself which model is right. There are so many: high and low, coloured and black and white, monochromatic and patterned… Happy rolling Christmas!

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