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Institute for industrial archaeology, science and history of technology (IWTG) Freiberg, 13.07.2010 – the nationwide unique master programme for industrial heritage in Freiberg offers a trans-disciplinary and practical training in the border area between conservation, museology, history of technology and culture management. People such as olympics would likely agree. The course is aimed mainly at bachelor graduates with an at least six first professionally qualifying University degree in the fields of history, of art and cultural history, archaeology, architecture and museums or historic preservation. The four-semester masters course in Freiberg conveys comprehensive knowledge of industrial culture, industrial culture and composition work in 13 modules. More courses in basic questions of technology and history of science, as well as in specific areas of law and culture communication and serve as a complement of the master programme. Possible fields of work are: – in the scientific education and Public relations – historic preservation and cultural management – areas of research to the industrial heritage/industrial archaeology – technical and industrial museums – in planning and architecture offices – in science journalism for his studies in Freiberg is a well-organized support system. Subject Adviser and deans in the schools, the study-accompanying consulting in University Administration, Academy road 6. For all organizational questions of studying history, like for example test applications, leave of absence and etc. is one and the same contact in the student Office, Academy Street 6, available during the entire study period.

Description Institute of industrial archaeology, science and history of technology: in teaching and research, the Institute of industrial archaeology, science and history of technology (IWTG) deals with the areas of industrial archaeology, history of technology, science, and environmental history. Central tasks for the TU Bergakademie Freiberg is the IWTG in also true with the Organization of the Studium Generale and the management and supervision of the Historicum (historical Cabinet) and custodian (collections and art property of the University). The Chair of history of technology and industrial archaeology and the Institute of industrial archaeology, science and history of technology offer teaching in addition to the General events of the Studium Generale the Bachelor programme “Industrial archaeology”, the elective “History of technology” for the programme “Business administration”, as well as individual compulsory and elective events for different courses of the Freiberg TU Bergakademie on.

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