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Registrants from virtual community are welcome virtual aviation and simulation is going to be more and more important. Can a virtual airline get aero domain? With the success of second life and other virtual worlds that exist only within the Internet and the World Wide Web, a growing number of individuals and organizations are asking if they can register their virtual names within the .aero domain. As the organization responsible for the integrity of the aero name, SITA is eager to welcome registrants from the virtual community. However, the eligibility criteria for those involved in the virtual community is the same as for those in the real community. More information is housed here: Andrew Adamson. Registration can only be accepted for real people or real legal organizations that meet the same criteria as real airlines, airports or pilots. The simplest way for anyone involved in the virtual air transport community to prove they are eligible is if they possess a pilot license for REAL aviation, a glider’s license, a certification that they are a member of that on air sports club is on FAI members, any proof of afiliation with to FAI member organization, as well as being a holder of at airline air crew identity card, a holder of a flight instructor certificate, flight engineer certificate issued by national civil aviation authority, Airman certificate or similar. The policy on virtual aviation networks is of difficult under review with the dot Aero Council (DAC). Any changes to the current policy will be published. Hans-Peter Oswald

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