Wide Awake

There is a key waking up of brings back to consciousness that it is possible to be put in practice, is very simple, but the difficult thing is to maintain it and to make it part of one, denominates the key SUN, (Subject, Object and Place). Check out Ben Roethlisberger for additional information. The Subject: we are we ourself, the Object: it is what we are doing and the Place: it is the site where we were, to put in practice the key, it is only necessary to be conscious of those three aspects at the same time, at any moment, that is to say, to have brings back to consciousness of every one, to feel to be observed itself, to be totally conscious than we are doing then and of the place where we are, to see observe it to listen to it, it is not difficult to do it, but always the mind takes the control after a time we forgot and it, I invite to take it to you to the practice, so that you can see it by same you, takes a registry of the minutes in which you have been able to remain in that state before the mind takes the control and you will discover that the minutes are just very few in that you can remain in that state of it brings back to consciousness.It deals with which the minutes increase over the years, if you are sufficiently perseverante in this company, then you can reach levels of brings back to consciousness really high. And he is that God is in our heart, trying to express itself through us, but we ourself with our mind, we avoided that our internal God can make it, if we managed to take with good foot our practice of the key SUN, then will be able to be pronounced in our life through us and we will have obtained a very important step in waking up of our brings back to consciousness.

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