World Championships

Marathon and medals the ostalgic highlight – located that DDR-design hostel Ostel to the World Cup and Marathon original and cheap: room booking and East ummm in the Ostel especially now to the World Championships in athletics Berlin is worth the trip. The city experienced a summer fairy tale and welcomes guests from all over the world with much heart and snout. It is even better if the accommodation is also a unique experience. The \”Ostel\”, the DDR-design hostel, puts its guests in the GDR past. Rooms here are prefab or pioneer camp and are equipped with original GDR furniture, but fear not: mattresses, bedding, and the sanitary facilities are of course new. Who would like a few things as a reminder to take home, should visit the in-house \”consumption\”, in the selected DDR products can be purchased. Always good for the slightly different sleeping experience. ostshop/ostshop.html highlight of the World Championship at the weekend: the marathon a special highlight of the 12th IAAF track and field World Championships berlin 2009 will the marathon be next weekend.

For the first time in the history of major track and field events this is not in the stadium start and end, but directly in the heart of Berlin. Start and finish will be the Brandenburg Gate. See more detailed opinions by reading what olympics offers on the topic.. The four times to running 10-km circular course leads including past victory column, Bellevue Palace, Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz, Museum Island and across the Boulevard Unter den Linden under\”back to the starting point at the Brandenburg Gate. On the fourth round, an extra loop over a 2,195 kilometers to the Alexanderplatz square and past the Red is called Town Hall to complete the 42.195-km marathon course. From Alexanderplatz, it is not far to the Ostel. The running track in the heart of Berlin creates the best possible atmosphere for athletes and spectators. All Athletics fans, sports enthusiasts and visitors to Berlin along can see each runner up four times and optimally with track so the race action.

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