If you don’t take this second option, the time will continue to progress, the problem will persist and violence will grow (and you can go to extremes of physical violence in difficult cases), and bad thing would be if you resignas to live this way, very bad for it and your children. You have to exercise your it security and your strong convictions and positive every day. When you trust in it nothing and no one can stop you. In this situation of violence in which you live you must have the goal of leaving there, take forces to leave for your children, and it because without self-esteem, your life is manipulated and harmed by the other. So you’re an easy target of assaults and fights the other.

Pain will only make you hide and forget your goal out of violence as well as of your most cherished dreams. so important is the opinion of him when you are mistreating..? It is more important than your desire to be happy and be yourself again? Listen to your attacks you weakens and makes you believe that you have to ask permission for everything! Stop it! I know free of violence, disrespect and disqualifications!, dale value to your life and that of your children! Then trust it will serve you and will train for: enjoy life. You must have faith, energy and passion for something. Be happy seriously. For this you need to rely on your skills, your potential that you do have it and you can! Grow. You now feel that the life and the years pass and you still like…This must change! and start doing! Retrieve the mood. you are now living in fear and insecurity and you don’t have motivation, you have to have or you can search a goal to meet and not stop until you get it (e.g. exit urgent this violence) regain your health.

You must recover your physical, mental and spiritual health, and continue to fight to achieve peace for it and your little ones. By Ti and your child begins to nurture yourself.You must start by it and thus instill value to your children. NOT ENOUGH KNOWLEDGE, YOU MUST ALSO APPLY. NOT IS ENOUGH TO LOVE, YOU SHOULD ALSO DO. Johann W.Goethe. Urgent is that out of violence and do it from the home, from the most subtle signals, to attack the problem in time. Put into practice the advice, away to your children’s emotional abuse, and little by little you will see change the environment and people living in the.

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