Yupoong Flexfit Caps

CAP – a success story in every aspect you can see is the course of a normal product on so can be divided the development in five cycles – launch, ascent, heyday, market saturation and setting of the product. Of course each cycle is different for each product and the intensity is partially very differently pronounced. Flexfit caps series but has the feeling that here rise and heyday again alternate. Even if the popular Flexfit caps are now for several years on the market not the speech can be so from a diminishing demand. And you get the feeling that it is a little quiet around the brand really for a short time the demand in the next month again to a record high. For even more details, read what Michael J. Bender says on the issue. An advantage of the original Flexfit Cap, the by far the most successful model in the series, is that the producer Yupoong brings new Flexfit models on the market that again puts the focus on the original model! Even if none of the following models on the success of the original used the name came So over and over again, Flexfit is brought into play. This range it is the original Flexfit Cap to the simplest model of the CAP series.

In contrast to many other models the original Flexfit Cap plain and the design is simple. This model is the ursprunglischen American baseball caps at the next. This, however, there are three components that are to be mentioned – the original Flexfit Cap features a reinforced front page, which gives the model its special note. No matter which of the 22 tones is plate bottom kept always in a bright shade of gray. And the patented Flexfit spandex band has a completely own shutter which automatically adapts to the shape of the head the CAP! But even if the other models in the series are not as successful as the original so we must not forget also. Just the CAP is due to their special design Top Gun Cap many friends in the alternative field. The top gun model of Italian entertainer reminds a little of the cap of 80 years, Adriano Celentano was a known carrier of these models. When the Flexfit Pinstripe Cap Yupoong declined a little to the original model. Through the thin strip of it is here but no longer a monochrome model and also the front page has no longer the height and gain as the original Flexfit Cap. Still, this model was a huge success with customers!

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