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The man to learn the language of the people of other countries for various reasons a new method revolutionizes the world of language training for many years trying. This can be done from completely different motivations out. May be the occasion for a vacation in a foreign country or a language fascinates people so much, you just want to learn, another reason might be also a planned migration. Ways to learn a foreign language are as varied as the reasons. Language courses at a Community College, for example, where, should the learner are at an advanced age, often faces the problem that you no longer really cope with the demands of such a course. Learning is not so easy as still some years before in school. The biological causes not by hand can be assigned, and even if the person is still so anxious, learning is not so easy.

Many then also love to try the method of Independent study with the help of a book using this method without support and without qualified examples from in front to fail is doomed. At this point, a completely new way of learning engages in the world of learning. This new method of the so-called photo vocabulary trainer is characterized by the combination of acoustic with Visual components. Images relating to the linguistic output of the searched term shall ensure that a specific word is linked automatically with the displayed image. A previous translation for the word is eliminated, so the coach facilitates the learning of words. Also, the sound of the language facilitates the internalizing of learned words. The special thing about it is that this trainer on many different devices can be used.

On all devices that have the ability to play the MP3 format, this program can be used. It is not just confined to the home PC, but can be used also on an iPod or even on a mobile phone. So it is possible to move his knowledge improve or refresh also. The provider of this software,, allows you to download a demo version to the test. To select the English or Spanish are available here.

Education For The Masses

As India’s 10 dollar laptop is misunderstood, you might think that the Indians have become crazy. Only 500 rupees ( EUR 8) should cost the promised computer with two gigabytes of memory and wireless Internet connectivity, with the Government of a broad mass of pupils and students access to the Internet communication allows wanted. Experts shook his head early, because already a commercially available screen costs twice as much. On February 3, 2009 a device was presented well, can be represented with the books first and foremost – other functions: nil. The reactions range from head-shaking laughter and a little Schadenfreude seems to be in the game. \”The American news channel Fox not always the most serious news source may be news, but find a formulation that probably speaks many technology experts from the soul: under the title of India’s ‘ $10 laptop’ revealed as nearly useless brick\”, it’s that: when is a laptop need a laptop? When it’s introduced by Indian education officials, apparently.\” But if you look closer at the wallpapers, we must acknowledge that here a path was chosen, which is quite promising and should by no means be stamped as a failed project. Because India has with over 400 million children and adolescents (source: UNICEF) not only one of the largest, but also one of the youngest populations in the world.

The Indian policy has recognized that the future of the nation depends above all by a factor: education. And she asks again and again: How can it be possible to form such a mass students, lack of schools, teachers and learning materials? Just one example of the immense efforts that are necessary to do so: in Germany 434 million for textbooks were issued last year, according to VdS bildungsmedien e.V. about the number of children and adolescents in Germany: 15 million (source: Federal Statistical Office).

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