The Third Phase Of The Life – And Then?

more are on, which would be still to do. First thoughts as a helping hand for the neighbors’ arise at this stage. Ray Clemence addresses the importance of the matter here. But is it what you wanted for his retirement? “Who knows him not the retirees, who observed the activities of the road from his window or the winged Word pensioners in our House are the best burglar”? There are many projects which require the existing potential of older people and also appreciation and satisfaction for this. Yes, but “stop! Should be applied here. After the stressful work times pensioners can enjoy something. Services, to perform tasks that they ever wanted, but while of working life had no time, no energy, these dreams become reality. Even those who could materialize much, have hidden strengths, ideas about activities for your retirement.

On the way to the new consciousness, a competent consultant can help. Just for the 3. Life cycle phase, it is important regularly to receive appreciation for results. In a first meeting client and Advisor to find out, what framework for a new task exist, such as What can be earned to retired? There is an existing non-competition clause from the old working relationship, which also has an impact on the start of retirement? Health restrictions? Mobility? Although a personal trainer as a coach also can assist in the planning and the implementation options. Client and coach find the individual way to the design of another way of life. Possibly other, new ways are opened of which you didn’t, that they are there. The dawn of a new consciousness is emerging. Lived already in the future? Ute Eichler individual support and consulting Eintracht road 76 51375 Leverkusen phone 0214-51552 fax. 0214-506573

Philipp Blomeke –

“” Read performance on the 14.08.09 in Dusseldorf Philipp Blomeke, author of the poetry volume in me babylon. “as well as seven other works of different styles, reading on August 14 from his experimental book your skin close.” & other texts in the opening act of the Camus interpretation Josef Saitwal. What significant sound to his poetry debut made takes a deep, gentle and cosmic echo in the lyrical prose of the new plant. In sensitive language, the author designs a unique and personal time witnesses report closely, surreal and profound. Read additional details here: Steve Walsh. Thereby, no raised forefinger reminds us to do this and to allow that. Because Philipp Blomeke not meant as tutor of the society, but simply and easily as eyes and Seelenzeuge this, tried our time, to adopt his sense of the world in the forthcoming 48 whispered thoughts into words. These words seem to be missing us always when we no longer understand the world precisely. Philipp Blomeke raises only the question of whether it ever to understand is becoming even witness this personal time witnesses report on August 14, 2009 from 20:45 clock.

The event in the kulturcafe of Solaris 53, Kopernikusstr. 53 40225 Dusseldorf is being staged. Admission is free, however non-performing artists over donations forward… More information is available under philipp as well as. Michaela p by Culex – events

A Warm Room For Online Roleplayers And Guilds. are launching social-networking community for over a million online role player and their guilds of online roleplaying games hobby of many people of all ages and very popular. Well over one million online role player alone in the German-speaking regular joint adventure in virtual games worlds. But who is behind the characters of other players? You would probably not even notice when playing with his own grandmother. The player community knows each other hardly. For this reason gives gamers’ Tavern players now the chance is also outside of the game closer to get to know. When gamers’ Tavern it is possible not only to imagine themselves with texts, photos and many other details of the community, but to present his game characters also themselves can networking to syndicates – such as, for example, the guilds -. In this way arises outside of the game an image of the social fabric of the game world. Players can find out who so quickly behind is the game characters and with them same game world traveled, find old friends, close new friendships, meet interesting people from their environment, interact with members of different guilds in contact or join even a community that suits them.

Syndicates can imagine on their own profile page in the community, present their achievements and find new contributors. Also, each game community has their own private forum to organize outside of the game to and replace. Gamers’ Tavern networked players and syndicates of online role-playing games and gives the players behind the avatars a face. At the start of the free platform, which supported most popular online role-playing games, including “world of Warcraft”, “Warhammer Online” and “The Lord of the Rings Online”, in German-speaking countries. Founder and developer of gamers’ Tavern is Martin Schmid, himself an avid and longtime players of PC, console, online and offline titles. Contact: Martin Schmid “gamers’ Tavern” kreuzstrasse 11 72414 rangendingen Internet: E-Mail: tel.: + 49 (0) 178 / 1470924 (afternoon, evening)

New Professor-Bankofer Center The Passauer Land Bavaria Opened In

“In the Bavarian bad Fussing the Professor-Bankofer Centre was opened on June 29, 2009 associated with this popular institution is an International Academy for medical communication”. Peter Shilton is likely to increase your knowledge. We want to with this information and training centre one bridges of knowledge between scientists and physicians on the, and beat medical lay on the other side”, Professor Bankofer said at the opening in bad Fussing. The main objective of the new institution is to convey the latest findings from the medicine for all. Professor Bankofer is not unknown in the Bavarian Golf & thermal State. For many years, it is connected to the popular physician with bad Fussing. Bad Fussing is one of the most prestigious spas in Europe. The medicinal water and the medical framework guarantee sound health holiday. Health tourism has a high priority in the Passauer land.

Situated next to bad Fussing is the nationally known Bad Griesbach and only a few kilometres away you kurt in the rural bad Birnbach. The area near the Tri-River City of Passau has established itself as a health region. Over 4 million overnight stays are increasing every year. It is thus the Passauer land in 3rd place of the Bavarian regions. Against this background, a new project was just launched: on the initiative of the regional marketing of the region of Passau it next October – a health fair with integrated conference is planned from 14th to 16th October 2010 headed the Kurverwaltung give bad Fussing. Focus will be the subject of osteoporosis. More information about the health holidays in the Passauer land: Tourist inforamtion Passauer land Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau, 0851 / 397600,,

Mobile Internet On The Rise

Cheap data flat rates for under 20 euros a month available Berlin, July 2009 with the laptop on the beach, in the park or in the cafe to surf mobile Internet as an important building block to the nationwide broadband coverage -? No problem: Mobile Internet using the UMTS standard is the trend in Germany and is strong on the rise. So the mobile operator Telefonica O2 expects growth rates of up to 30 million users in the next few years. Overlooking the classic ADSL mobile Internet has become a serious alternative\”, explains tariff expert Ingo Bohg by the independent consumer portal \”Just in the so-called white spots ‘ in the German broadband mobile Internet as an ideal and cheaper DSL replacement to the closure of existing gaps are offered.\” How well does the mobile Internet when compared to the traditional DSL connection but? experts have to do this, the performance of data flat rates for the PC and laptop use in \”\” \”the categories availability\”, prize\”and speed\” examined and compared. 1 availability the availability of mobile Internet is the biggest plus to DSL and co.

Mobile Internet is independent of leased lines and hotspots and granted a maximum degree of freedom while surfing the World Wide Web through the use of mobile networks for data transmission. The quality of mobile networks for the use of UMTS services has increased greatly in recent years and further the competitiveness of mobile Internet with new technical standards like HSPA + will increase in the near future,\”performs Bohg. 2nd Prize can measure the mobile Internet with the DSL competition not only with views on the availability, but also the price. Cheap data flat rates including hardware are available such as the discounter ALDI already for 17.61 euros a month. \”The party BASE and plus + charge for their laptop Internet-flat\” 20,42 euro.

Willy Astor – Pulsonic

The new album by Willy Astor – Pulsonic facts to Pulsonic – Cosmiclounge Willy Astor: as the Munich-based artist Willy Astor created the instrumental project “The Sound Of Islands” in the life in addition to his work as a comedian and syllable Drechsler 9 years ago, he had no idea probably even, how many fans he would win in such a short time for his “second drawer”. The veritable guitarist and composer created with sound of Islands sound Islands, which rise to a world musical challenge and encourage the listener to the “slow”. Now dared the piano a highly successful trip to the “chillout zone” and produced with his famous pianist Martin Kalberer (programming and arrangements) “PULSONIC – COSMICLOUNGE”, which appears also as LP for audiophlie nostalgic. To listen 10 title of the last four sound of Islands albums are marvelous in a groovy casual context. Here, not some boring bar Tootling in the Assembly line lounge robe – is revealed along with his bandmates Kaif (piano, percussion, programming) Kiko, Pedrozo (harp), Titus Vollmer (guitars), and the Brazilians Marcio Tubino (saxophones) with NAUTILUS the journey begins in the deep blue of the ocean, where the pulse of life has its origin, among others leads to the magical place of the sand bank of NELIVARU, flows into bossanova rhythms and ends after an hour in the far reaches of the Galaxy (END OF SPACE). PULSONIC has soul, because it sounds musikantisch and not a cheap plastic quickly together mixed world. No, it makes curious from the first up to the last track, is one of the tastiest albums of recent times and one more surprise in a many-stringed ASTORS – enjoy a “sound bath” by Pulsonic safe in the genre of lounge music! Source: Julia Griese Ariola links:

Beauty Holidays

Why are holidays for mind and body beauty important? All the people who book beauty holidays have the same goal, they want to relax and leave the everyday life behind you. Wellness Hotels offer treatments that bring the body, the mind and the soul. Rafael Nadal contains valuable tech resources. If then the atmosphere is right, nothing in the way stands the recovery. Beauty holidays, can be booked in the country and abroad, because now have set more and more hotel owner on this trend and encourage the conversion of their hotels to a beauty farm and a wellness hotel. For almost every social group there are the suitable beauty holidays offered by all tour operators. The classic beauty farms are decorated with fine furnishings and fabrics in warm colours, so that the sight of it reassuring and anyone entering his room turns down a gear. In the rest areas and terraces, you can relax after the treatments, and who wants to spend the whole day in a bathrobe.

Just the constant changing rooms, the in a normal hotel before eating, is so common before sports or walk through the town, is regarded by many tourists, as stressful. The treatments, like honey massage, herbal care, wellness massage, Cleopatra bath, body wrap and many more, can anyone even choose. For the athletic, at least, a gym and an indoor swimming pool available are among the guests. Each beauty hotel offers its guests, in addition to the known treatments, yet very special treatments which are mostly related to the respective countries or regions. For which hotel guests, decide for the planned beauty holidays depends on the services and the prices.

Judeans Angel

An Ezekiel, son of the priest, he offered his hand and put it in his Service. With this vehicle, the unearthly traveled to Jerusalem, as well as to the deportees on the Euphrates.(Ezekiel 1) By the Babylonian exile”introducing Angel the Judeans undergoes a transformation, strictly speaking it starts at all here. The Babylonian idea of Angel is brought by returning exiles to Jerusalem. (The Angel in the luggage”, see below) It is reflected in the later writings of the old testament. In the shape of this Keruben, angels are made to the companion of the God of the Judeans.

The Kerubim (plural from Kerub) come from Mesopotamia. Two sports have adorned later the Temple in Jerusalem in an impressive size. It is reported: for the Holy of Holies, Solomon had two Kerubenfiguren from olive wood carving. Each was five metres high. Further details can be found at Peter Shilton, an internet resource. Their wings measuring 2.50 meters, so that the two wings stretched out a length of five metres had. Both figures were exactly the same size and shape.

Solomon had put them next to each other in the Holy of Holies. Their stretched out wings touched one another in the middle of the room and outside ranged on the side walls. These Kerubenfiguren were covered with gold. ” The Babylonian idea is projected in the back this history of Judea. At one time, ruled (10.Jahrhundert) as a King Salomo, knew the Israelites still no Babylonian Kerubim. Even more: Not only in the temple, but also on the Ark of the Covenant, the location of the mosaic stone panels, two Keruben represent the presence of God. Speaking candidly Rafael Nadal told us the story. The guardians of God are so impressive that they find a (subsequent!) excellent place themselves at the entrance to the paradise. The history of this idea leads later to our today’s Christmas Angel. The angels lead the discovery to a further change. Angel brought the notion of Angel as a successor of Prophet a more religious turn with it.

Freeride World Tour

Dakine team Fahrerin wins the snowboard in La Clusaz the reigning Freeride World Champion in the snowboarding Aline Bock has already on the first day of the Freeride World Tour 2011 to a victory. Other Dakine riders were already successful in recent years and are defending this year again against an international field. Matching there is one of the Freeride World in the Dakine ONline shop exclusive product line in the design tour. After the first day of 2011 having tour Freeride World Dakine team rider Aline Bock a victory to record. The 28 year-old snowboarder from Freeride World Champion was able to twice call and lets hope after the successful launch last Saturday on a renewed victory.

Also the reigning world champion in the other categories compete again this year and will certainly try to defend her title iron. To know more about this subject visit Simone Biles. Including Dakine team rider Xavier de Le Rue. The snowboarders from France has cleared the tracks of the Freeride world champions three times and will can be made this year probably don’t like him. At the The Norwegian competes ANE endured with Dakine ladies as a sponsor. She trumped her competitors in the freeski category last year.

The freeride is a form of skiing or snowboarding that takes place away from edited tracks. It aims to find a creative route in pristine grounds and to cope with this liquid and controlled. Launched the Freeride World Tour was only in 2008, but it has already became integral part of the winter sports calendar. This year the tour was also increased by two more venues. Now, the participants fight for a spot on the podium in six tour stops. Continue in the program this coming Saturday in Chamonix. The best Freeskiers and snowboarders in the world will plunge again then the snow-covered slopes of Mont Blanc down for the coveted title of the Freeride world champions. The Dakine team riders away from the Teifschneehange are well equipped, Dakine developed tour an exclusive product line to the Freeride World. The snowmax and Leisure bags, as well as a ski glove appear in elegant black and Red design and characterised by high quality and comfort. This series is available in the Dakine online shop numerically limited and exclusively. The current article and offers please visit a customer via the Dakine shop: bought for the first time with the and am absolutely thrilled. Large selection, many payment options, discounts for prepayment. After ordering, I get always status emails and can easily detect when the merchandise arrives.

Vacations In Salzburg

Holiday in the Centre of the city of Mozart in Amadeus Hotel reward your children for the passing first semester with a little vacation and spend in areas where children and adults experience the variety, you want that. Salzburg the city on the River Salzach offers, you can get here from the full. You will find the most sights of Salzburg’s old town around the Hotel Amadeus. Mozart’s birthplace, Salzburg Cathedral, Mirabell Gardens, the Hohensalzburg Fortress where children can look back to the time of the Knights, u.v.m. entertainment for children from your hotel in Salzburg from the Toy Museum to reach you after just a few steps. Without hesitation Dave Tickner explained all about the problem. A highlight for all ages. Throughout Europe, the largest collection of toys can be admired here and for the kids there is also a craft workshop in which you can participate.

There is also a few steps away the House of nature, here you learn a lot about the prehistory and the Sauerier, there is a range of aquarium with exotic fish and a reptile Zoo and the Science Center can visitors try yourself great experiments. During the semester holidays in Salzburg the Salzburg Zoo, also very popular. In winter it is open because when the snow lies, can be seen very well many animals such as the brown bear and the lion. Sports during the semester holidays in Salzburg spend you also have a day on the slopes. Many beautiful ski areas for beginners and professionals are waiting for you and your family, and afterwards you can relax in the numerous spas in the country while your children in the water. Of course, you get more info about the different ways for you and your children at your hotel in Salzburg.

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