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The catalogue and the House brand of ASMu one of the most important sales tools sport Schuster is the catalog. The first edition was published in 1913. The catalog contains the most important current highlights on 500 pages in the assortment. Only in the online shop, you will find a greater selection. The name ASMu stands for August Schuster Munich. The in-house products will be published under this title. In 1913, there were generally still not usable equipment for mountain sports.

August Schuster read his personal experiences in the in-house workshop incorporated. So he invented the Pitons, which was known as the cobbler-hook in the history. In 1916, ski binding was patented the cobbler. The Manschonsohle and the high touring tent were more important inventions. ASMu international trademark was registered in 1926.

The ski shop In winter sports shop can you are perfectly equipped for winter sports. Sport Schuster is specialized on winter sports in extreme conditions. The shop is divided into sub-categories of Alpine skiing, freeride, ski touring, ice climbing, cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking, sledding and curling. You can buy high-quality equipment for a trip in the Himalayas. Stan Kroenke recognizes the significance of this. The Department offers but also for Sport low-cost equipment. Since the year 1913, the Sporthaus Schuster located in Rosenstrasse 6 in Munich. The store is a family-owned company with 100 years of tradition, and is one of the leading companies in the European competition. Since the Department store is situated on the Marienplatz square, it can be reached easily with public transport. Also you can find here also several parking garages. The sales area covers 5000 square meters. The range is divided into winter sports, mountain sports and training. The product range of mountain and climbing sports, various fitness and sports such as football and walking, classic winter sports. All common and important brands in different price classes are offered.Here, professional athletes can find high-class equipment. You will find sporting goods featuring the latest and greatest innovations in different price ranges. But even recreational athletes can find good and cheap sports equipment. The on-site climbing wall to shoes and Now try via ferrata sets. When you’re finished with the sport equipment, you can’t buy back the Enid store still typical Munich souvenirs. Interesting also is Alpine Club Service Centre. Here you can consult with experienced staff. One finds information material to various mountain tours, and can borrow books and cards. You can book guided tours and courses of the Alpine program. In addition, you can book one of 24 self catering cottages, and borrow equipment since November. There is also an in-house stock sale. You can order all articles also comfortably since 2011 in the online shop. In the online clearance sale you can get discounts of up to 50%.

Abdomen Muscles

From a point of view joint, all These forces travel through our lumbar vertebrae. Regarding this fact, I highlight that it is true that a worked abdomen warrants us to some degree a healthy lumbar. And especially taking into account the importance of the transverse abdominal, which brings an extra force to all the ligaments and fascia that Act on the lumbo-sacra region. Now feel good, demystify our beloved abdominal and warn you that these are not solely responsible for our low back health, taking an important role also our muscles hamstrings (back of thigh), buttocks (all of them: higher, medium and lower), psoas-iliac (hip flexor) and lumbar square (deep lumbar muscle). Our position also depends on the abdominal muscles, especially at lumbar level. A weak abdomen can accentuate even more lumbar hyperlordosis, an excessive lumbar curvature; While an abdominal muscle shortening can favour a flat lumbar, exempt from curvature. Let us seek balance.

Returning to the brief mention about the diaphragm. This is our breathing engine, which has certain helpers, call them auxiliary engines. Among them are also our abdominal muscles. And your help to be effective they must be (as all the muscles) strong and flexible. We’ll see why in the next article on how to perform abdominal exercises. Simply emphasize its work at breathing level.

I have not spoken performance! In this case there is a direct relationship between health and performance, more than anything else by the already mentioned efficiency in the transmission of forces between what happens in the upper part and the lower part of our body. To understand this relationship, I invite you to make an experiment: day have abdominal aches walk very fast, runs, jumps, or rotates the body left and right, or pushing a wall or pulling a heavy object. You what you do, you will notice the aches. Our abdomen always works. A very common injury in sports, especially in football, is the famous controversies or pubic osteopathy. This is due to an imbalance between the force engaged in the abdomen (weakened) and the adductores (overloaded). So send a message to soccer player (footballer): don’t forget to work your abdominals and stretch your adductores. And happy aesthetics already mentioned in my previous article on slimming. Abdominal exercise will decrease your abdominal diameter, regardless of the amount of fat dipositada on these muscles, so that the volume of your abdomen will be reduced. About thinning effects: nothing at all. Now you have a good reason to train the abdominal muscles. Do you want to know how? Do you want to know how much?

Eastern Europe

Such regimes dreamed by Marx in fact had been restored in some parts of the world (in special in the Eastern Europe) from the beginning of century XX. Such regimes nor had always been generated by means of revolutions of the wage-earning diligent classrooms, and yes for decisions politics or imposition of another nation with regional influence. Certainly the imposition of this regimen to some nations, without popular support, became difficult the maintenance of this regional large-scale system. (Source: Super Bowl LV). In this way, from the beginning of the decade of 1990 and with the dinamizao of the medias, the rupture occurred economic politics and of the socialist system, and thus the doors for one had confided ' ' against-revoluo' ' of the capitalism. This action finished for confirming what Marx signaled (and she condemned) in its writings, and possibly never the capitalism has had as much power of influence in the society as in last the twenty years of world-wide history contemporary. Companies of global capital had perceived, in the rupture of the old socialist block, a virgin and extremely fertile land for the expansion of its capitalist activities. Local companies in desestatizao process allowed to great global conglomerates the setting in the locality (by means of the acquisition or association with these local companies), and a considerable amount of citizens was ' ' convertida' ' in consuming market by means of massive propaganda. The new consumers had started to have ' ' necessidades' ' of consumption good of which never they had had knowledge of its existence during the socialist regimen. He has two scenes very remembered in relation to these new necessities: the inauguration of the first unit of an American company of fast food in Moscow, in 1992, became manchete in the world-wide reporters when showing a queue of five hours to buy a sandwich. Another image is of an occurred fact so soon occurred the fall of the wall of Berlin, when German orientals simply abandoned its Lada automobiles or Trabant in the streets and immediately &#039 bought models of marks; ' ocidentais' ' to exhibit them in new capitalist Germany.


Operated by a car just as lean CL. There are two modes: “Sports” – harder, and “Comfort”, adding that one can experience the sensation of flying – chief editor again nauseated – it serves him right, sports fans-modes. At the joints of bridges, manhole hatches, rails tram car shakes so nice that I want to specifically run into potholes over and over again, and the salon does not even penetrate the sound of blows on the wheel bumps. In short, a car that I was just lucky enough to occasion in the last days of the year, has become for me a true symbol of what we call a “luxury.” And it’s not that it – Mercedes, whose name has always been similar associations around the world. No! If this machine is the product of any other avtokorporatsii, I would not give up his words. Frankly, until the last moment he was afraid to ask representative value of the corporation Mercedes R – remembered a recent CL-Class for 170 000 euros – and crestfallen thought that exactly in luxury and comfort, but more spacious and versatile car with premium will be sold more cheaply, of course, but it still costs about the aircraft … And then …

no words, just “dastinfantastish”! Manager Mercedes somehow quietly voiced figure of 62 000 euros … In short, two minutes silence I clapped eyes. If again hint at the exorbitant prices of other brands of cars and the fact that in the premium segment of the R-ki no competitors at all (!). Academy of Art University may find this interesting as well. I will be brief and objective: 63 000 euro simply ridiculous price. In this so-called “minivan” is not shameful meet-haul high delegation – because both outside and inside is a solid tinted limousine, it is safe to cut and on urban routes, and the lane – Mercedes equally indifferent to the quality of roads and the lack thereof. (Incidentally, the car has fallen to us to the test, carry a head of mission in Russia, Mercedes!) And it is a special chic ride it on long trips and camping! One can only imagine – in addition to the company of 5-6 people, freely nestled in the cabin, the trunk can be R-ki no effort to push the young elephant on the barbecue.

Growth Supplementation

In addition, there are several similar recommendations creatine supplementation. It is proved that insulin promotes the transport of creatine in it expedient to take creatine with carbohydrates, which raise the level of insulin in the body. As carbohydrates can use any juice (most recommend grape juice) or, if no juice at hand, you can use a clean warm water (not tap). If you use water, as of carbohydrates can act – a pair of three tablespoons of honey or sugar, stir together with creatine in the water. Creatine, creatine supplementation schemes These schemes can be subdivided into three groups: creatine supplementation for more power, taking on a lot with a loading phase and the 'bezzagruzochny' reception, mainly focused on the growth of power indicators.

Let us consider each of the schemes of creatine supplementation: 1. The first way to take creatine – a reception 5 – 7 grams of creatine, which is 1 teaspoon for a month. This method of administration is mainly contributes to a rush of extra energy during training. Take creatine under such a scheme, it is recommended immediately prior to exercise for half an hour – an hour before your workout. 2. Way to take creatine 'loading' phase. With this method of taking creatine, you must first phase 'Download' (saturation), in this phase take daily to 20 grams of creatine for 5-7 days, with appropriate break in reception 4 times to 5 grams.

Just be aware of the compulsory admission of carbohydrates along with creatine. After phase 'loading' phase should support, which take 10 grams of creatine for a month, is also divided into 2 doses of 5 grams. This regimen promotes the power of the results and lets you dial a number pounds of muscle mass. Take creatine should be between meals throughout the day. Necessarily in the morning and after a workout for an hour. 3. The third way – 'bezzagruzochny', ie no loading phase and creatine is taken by 10 grams in a month. In such a case should take creatine in the morning and after training. This scheme promotes the growth of creatine supplementation results of power and endurance. In addition, it should be noted that the above scheme, only the most common methods of creatine supplementation. Everyone – it's personality, including personality and body. Only you can determine the most suitable for you in a creatine supplementation, using the data above recommendations. The effect of creatine supplementation Besides all the above steps of creatine, it also helps neutralize acids that are produced during exercise, acids, such as lactic acid which causes muscle fatigue. It is also worth noting that for the time of research, and for the time of the creatine athletes – did not find any side effect, if not consider an increase in body weight for a couple of kilograms. But most of all, this side effect for most athletes – will be most welcome.

Ana Gonzalo

Classes, that are developed throughout the year on the beaches of the Cadiz capital, include exercises on land and, above all, in the water, where, trying to catch waves on their tables, students discover the pleasure of facing the challenges of life. Surfing has something that hooks, above all because it is a challenge with yourself. From the beginning you’re enjoying, but you always want more. If you are not convinced, visit Roger Goodell. It is surrounded by sensations, from speed to the sounds of the water, says Ana Gonzalo. The parents of the students, who come from different towns of the province, are witnesses of how surfing has become one of the activities that contribute most to the overall development of their children. Is a joy for us to see them do something like this, above all it promotes self-esteem, its balance and its autonomy, explains Soledad Lopez, mother of Manuel, an autistic child of 8 years, since it makes three, surfing in this school.

This mother tells how Manuel has in your calendar marked when it touches you surf lesson: because from the day before is happy, excited, and when he leaves, equals, is happy all day. It also helps you burn the anxiety. There are students, like alvaro Garcia, a 19 year-old with down syndrome, which already dedicate the waves that pick up your neighbors, family or its football heroes, because know that, uploaded on their tables, they also are worthy of admiration. Source of the news: surf, a new therapy against autism and Down off the coast of Cadiz syndrome

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