25th Anniversary Of The Silver Castle-Verlag

The silver Castle publishing house specializes in Regionalia of Baden-Wurttemberg. Exactly a quarter of a century has it, that the young Publisher Titus Haussermann in Stuttgart presented its first book program. It consisted of at least three books. Today, sits the silver Castle-Verlag in Tubingen, the geographical centre of Baden-Wurttemberg, and operates a branch in the Baden Lahr/Schwarzwald. The silver Castle Publishing House has become the first address for books, which you can use to discover the country and its people and experience.

During this period a total of about a thousand titles have been published: pictorials, guide, Mundartliches, adopted non-fiction to the country and contemporary history, award-winning regional crime and entertaining nonfiction – as well as numerous editions of the monthly magazine beautiful Swabian 2009 was also the Fleischhauer & Spohn Verlag in Bietigheim. Fleischhauer and Spohn was known for classic Swabian poet Eduard Morike, Wilhelm Hauff and Joseph von Eichendorff. In addition, Publisher’s commitment also went over in the Baden. As the traditional calendar heavy of limp Messenger as well as the regional programme aimed at South Baden of the publishing house Ernst Kaufmann went on in the portfolio of the silver Castle Publishing House. Beautiful Swabian? Yes, in fact. Under the motto “Land and people experience”, the magazine is dedicated to the beautiful sites of the country. Visited cities, roams through landscapes, in the spring and winter, walking or on the bike, looks back in the history of the country, which is not always nice, but exciting.

Nice Swabia is a Home Journal without Heimattumelei with this ambitious programme in the best sense. Maintains the dialect as well as the cottage garden to tell white interesting to art and culture, leads into the realm of domestic animals, gives tips for excursions and suggestions for exceptional museum visits. Nice Swabia in the silver Castle-Verlag, Tubingen, and with monthly 50 000 readers appears in the 25th year the magazine is one of now the leading cultural publications in Baden-Wurttemberg. In addition to the classic distribution channels through bookshops put the persons in charge of the silver Castle Publishing House now also on the Internet. For several weeks, the diverse publishing program can be purchased online at ALB shop. Like publishing leader Christel Werner has agreed to participate in the ALB shop, because the ALB shop has written is strengthening the Neckar region and ALB on the flags. In this online market place for local products of the Swabian Alb in the meantime 35 direct marketers are gathered.

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