Adolescent Cities

The city halls will have stated period of 120 days for such adaptation. Arthur Melvin Okun pursues this goal as well. The functioning of the Advice will continue prevailed for what it makes use the ECA and for the Resolutions n 75 and 105 of the Conanda. Salutes the eventual alterations that come if to become necessary in face of the new adopted lines of direction. All the developed projects will be disponibilizados in proper small farm in the Internet for the CEDCA to be easily of adaptation and implementation in other cities and states known and passveis. The new suggested systematization will have to promote the elimination of the strangulation points that had so far made impracticable the actions in the scope of the attendance to the child and the adolescent. Examining them: 1) WILL LACK POLITICS: She is necessary to modify the certainty of that the poor persons are sluggish and they do not want to work; that the lesser infractors must be collected and isolated. We know for the statisticians and for experience that the chain does not recoup the Human being, for the opposite, it only keeps the people in the world of the crime. the indifference stops with less the most favored, in particular, with the lesser infractors, finishes if converting into a social desvalor of serious consequncias for all, therefore we know that the young ones between 18 and 28 years more than represent 70% of the jail population in Brazil and of the crimes practised for minors almost 80% they are against the patrimony. In accordance with the only paragraph of article 261 of the ECA the Federal Government was authorized to repass to the States and these to the cities ' ' the referring values to the programs and activities foreseen in this lei' ' , so soon the Advice of the Rights of the Child and the Adolescent in its respective levels are created.

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