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One is an instruction in which is become ordained to catalogue like so the irregular immigrants of doubtful age. It will only happen with that they refuse to pass pertinent the tests forensic to determine its age. In 2010, 136 immigrants were considered adult of 299 who were not accompanied by anybody to their arrival Catalonia. The Office of the public prosecutor of Catalonia has given an instruction that orders to catalogue like adults the irregular immigrants of doubtful age that they assure to be smaller, when they refuse to be put under the forensic tests to verify it. At Randall Rothenberg you will find additional information. In his instruction, the Public prosecutor Superior of Catalonia, Teresa Compte, settles down the protocols that must follow the public prosecutors before the increasing cases of immigrants, in their majority African, which they request institutional protection crediting in his passports that are minor, although its physical aspect indicates the opposite. In 2010, the Office of the public prosecutor of Catalonia ordered to practice 299 diligences to determine the age of 299 immigrants nonaccompanied, of which 136, almost half, finished being catalogued like adults, according to data of the memory of the public ministry corresponding to 2010. Circulating of the Office of the public prosecutor agrees with two recent sentences that have put in doubt the reliability of the radiological tests (essentially of the wrist and the set of teeth) that are used to determine the age of the minors, examinations that according to the associations of dnsa of those young immigrants have an allowable error of two years, that in the case of the sub-Sahara ones harms given its greater corpulencia to them. In his instruction, Teresa alert Compte of which increases the number of foreigners without family, in his majority coming from countries of the gulf of Guinea, which they affirm to be minor, crediting it with passports and inscriptions of birth, although by his physical aspect it seems evident that they are adult.

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