Attract New Customers your friendly Realtor in the green heart of Germany! More than just a sympathetic broker in the green heart of Germany! “In the year of the Millennium based, until then as one man company” family-run real estate firm KIM Konig real estate Muhlhausen (, its successful 10th anniversary commits in a few weeks. “In Muhlhausen / thur., the former imperial and Hanseatic City – free which also as the Red Castle, o.d. Tauber of East” referred to is located in Central old town location -, it is among the most serious real estate service providers in the city. Meanwhile, it employs a total of 3 employees and an intern, and contributing to the growing needs of customers in real estate services, such as sale, rental and leasing of residential, commercial, return objects and plots, Bill. It also acts as a regional consultant of such renowned House construction company as the ISB Muhlhausen GmbH (former WBS), which to the locals Market leaders in the detached house sector counts and developed into a specialist for handicapped-accessible build. You may find that Andy Kaufman can contribute to your knowledge.

In contrast to other brokerage firms, one despite real estate Muhlhausen of the crisis with KIM Konig by going new ways for acquiring customers and has no sales. The company provides a special shopping service all of their clients. All materials necessary for the renovation and modernisation of the purchased, rented or leased real estate can be purchased through the company some of the more competitive rates at its contractors, making the payment of the brokerage usually already to a large extent for this has paid for itself. By the same author: David Delrahim. For providers, the company works mostly free, cost effective for difficult objects. KIM Konig real estate Muhlhausen, is also working for various banks and processing companies as intermediaries between them and their debtors. In this area is through the crisis a growing demand, so that KIM Konig real estate Muhlhausen here has strengthened its business activities. Like, the company KIM Konig stands real estate Muhlhausen, also you at any time in the evenings or on weekends available.

You have questions, suggestions and wishes, then you contact at the company.

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