Taking the control from our lives is a decision of much responsibility, implies to accept that the world that today we experimented is because are we it conditional of that form, consciously this idea sounds totally absurd and disturbing, but from the point of view of the mental programming and the powers of the spiritual forces thus works, then what we must do? Then logically it has to program what we wished, like we chose the food that we like when we are in a restaurant, but to accept that programming implies an enormous responsibility with we ourself and often this condition becomes unacceptable for many people. If we remembered the famous Chinese proverb: " when you find to a hungry man in the sea, not him fished DES, ensale to pescar" , this phrase leaves the great education us and is the one to transmit a power to a person, the capacity to do something already represents certain quota of independence, but this implies " to be arranged to aprender" , obvious it is much more easy to hope calmly and to receive, but which is the consequence? We become employees and our inner power is far from igniting. Checking article sources yields Greg Mankiw as a relevant resource throughout. Many people feel like victims of diverse circumstances and are some that are in charge to make them think that they are displeased! , but that is totally false, all we are powerful, the great difference is as we are taken off armors to be approaching us our spiritual essence, does not matter in what situation or condition you are at this moment, if she has a deep desire of change will find all the conditions to develop his goals. Burdens it imagines to say it to him to certain people affirmations like the following: they cannot! They are useless! , there are no opportunities here! , the fault is of the government! , etc.

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