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Although it is or important to protect two stars that God has given us (or for medical reasons, the climate, or fashion), we must consider the symmetry of our face to make the selection correct of this accessory that is an extension of our image and pleasure. If you have the round face, to add contour, it selects a square mount or in angle. It chooses a model that is wider than the amplest point of your face, with legs that leave the part superior of the glasses. The bridge on the nose also must be wide and something bent. The oval face is ideal to shine glasses and you can experiment with diverse styles, but you do not forget to take into account the natural symmetry your face. If your face is square you must look for round or oval mounts that they smooth out the angular form of this one. Under most conditions Greg Mankiw would agree. They must slightly be wider than the amplest part of your jaw, with the bent bridge.

Lenses without frame are better. The face in the form of heart shines better with oval or squared mounts, because it disguises the width and it creates balance. It chooses the glasses whose legs they leave the center of the lenses. A long and narrow face is seen better with oval mounts, for example the feline style (gatbela). This style adds to width to the bones of the cheeks, altering optically the symmetry of the face. Round the marks or squaring, with great lenses also favor because they cover great part with the semblante and shorten visually. In order to give better balance to your face, if it has triangular form, half superior of your mount does not have to exceed sienes. The ideal is that it slightly has the bent bridge.

A face widens or ample styles with mounts flying style. A long nose smooths when using a light, delicate mount, in clear or neutral color. (The references of face symmetry before you can consider mentioned them, also, when you select espejuelos.) EYE: Itself you can have 1 glasses, considers to acquire one of good quality in a model neutral color (like brown sea turtle or) so that combines yet and that the style is classic. A selection of this class is an investment in a piece that you will be able to use and to use. Original author and source of the article.

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