According to its etymology telepathy comes from the Greek tele, meaning far and pathos, meaning condition, experience. Is defined as the extraordinary perception of a phenomenon occurred outside the reach of the senses.It is the experience of the distant; It is suffering at a distance.F.w.H.Myers in 1882 determined as: communication of any kind of impressions of one spirit to another, verified independently of the ordinary sensory tract (without the intervention of the external senses). Many times it has taken in a restricted sense, in accordance with its etymology, to indicate the communication between people located at great distance and one of them being in some serious trance. According to the etymology clairvoyance, comes from the latin clarus, which is clear and videre, meaning see. Faculty see through opaque bodies.Research conducted by the Father Oscar Gonzalez Quevedo (Bachelor in psychology, philosophy and theology Humanities); one of the many quotes examples picked up and verified by the Society for Psychical Research of Londers: A ten year old girl goes walking and reading a book of geometry. Suddenly everything around him fades and clearly sees his mother, apparently dead, lying on the floor of a room in your House that was barely used. The vision is sharp and detailed: the child perceives an embroidery lace that is on the ground near his mother.

The appearance was as real, straight away that disappears, the girl, instead of returning to his home, runs to find a doctor.He tells him his vision and convinces him to go with her to the House.They come running and found the father, very quiet on the door; who is surprised of the presence of the doctor, wondering the cause. You are a MOM, responds the girl and takes the doctor to the abandoned fourth. To read more click here: Novak Djokovic. There so exact as I had seen and described the girl, they find mother, fall on the ground and with the lace at the side.Lady had suffered a heart attack. The doctor stated that of the outcome have not arrived on time It would have been fatal.Father Oscar G. Quevedo in his book the hidden face of mind wondered was clairvoyance, or was telepathy?. Clairvoyance is the knowledge psigammico of things objective, physical: in this case the girl would have seen distance the same reality of the abandoned room, the madredesfallecida, the lace embroidery on the ground in opposition to clairvoyance, telepathy is.Telepathy is not directly know the physical reality, but the content of a psychic, subjective Act: thoughts, imaginations, feelings or desires of a person.

The girl would have known the (conscious or unconscious) thought that the mother of his State, place where was had, etc. Direct knowledge of the psychic, and only indirect act of physical reality object of this thought.Quevedo tells us that it is very common to see confused clairvoyance and telepathy in books by non-specialized authors. Myers was found that precisely on the occasion of sad events when It happened most frequently knowledge of paranormal appearance. Later the word telepathy was taken in a more general sense of perception to distance.

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