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A total 68 teams participated in start2grow which by the city of Dortmund, organized competition went through two phases. Hear from experts in the field like Samuel “Sam” Mikulak for a more varied view. In the first phase, the participating teams had to present a part of the business plan. This was assessed by competent experts. Cobocards could top land 10 already in phase 1 and take home a prize of 2,500 euros. Details about the financing, to the 5-year plan and the realization of the project were then expected in the second phase. This time, even this plan was evaluated by other reviewers.

“In one of the reports was to read: this is one of the best business plans, I’ve read and I have read far over 1,000”. This assessment made the young founders of courage. At the jury meeting, all TOP 20 teams had to present their idea to the jury in five minutes. The jury rigorously kept this time, so the team had to know exactly what they tell and how they impress the jury. Our presentation answered”all important issues related to the project, says that Ali Yildirim Development of business plan team was responsible. The winners were announced in direct connection to the session. The 10 places 4 received 5,000 euros each, 3rd place 10,000 and place 2 15,000 euros. Half of the profit is paid out immediately, the second half at a company in Dortmund.

As the winner of the competition, the Cobocards team received a prize of 25,000 euros. We will put the money in the development and marketing”, said Tamim Swaid, the inventor of the collaboratively use flashcards trainer Cobocards. We have no longer expected at the end of the victory”, he adds. There were really good teams. More so we are delighted that we have won”. Cobocards is a learning platform for microcontent, which is based on the proven flashcard system. Cobocards can be used collaboratively in groups, and it can be integrated into existing learning management systems. His intelligent “never forget” algorithm computes the optimal time for repetitions and sends the result via SMS to the users. Dipl.-kfm. Ali Yildirim Cobocards GbR Augusta Street 62 52070 Aachen phone: 0178-4675647 E-Mail: the Cobocards GbR is a young Start-Up supported by the RWTH Aachen with headquarters in Aachen. The company was founded by former students of the University and FH Aachen, covering the core competencies of the company design/design, computer science and business administration. Companies subject to Cobocards is the in-house and contract development of Web-based software products for niche markets, in particular in the field of e-learning and products corresponding to their independent distribution or sale, as well as the later advice to end customers in the introduction. The vision of the company is to provide easy to use, aesthetically pleasing Web applications to end users. Speed, quality, honesty and attention are important guiding principles of the company.

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