Education: Windows Against Linux

Now is a lot of talk about the need for translation of educational institutions to use free software, and the first candidate is called, of course, Linux. Of course, the calculation does not accepted commercial distributions paid and the same commercial applications, but only those that are licensed GPL (we should not forget about the quality of Russification). Moreover, a National Priority "Education" offered a choice of several versions of the distribution of so-called "school of Linux", developed by ALT Linux domestic and promoted by a group of companies "Armada" (). In addition to free these distributions, the decision to pros include the ease and simplicity of installation, as well as an extensive set of pre-training programs and information materials. This is certainly good, but here distributions installed on your computer in a school computer lab – and what's next? Naturally, the further operation of the installed operating system starts. I draw the reader's attention to the fact that now we have in mind does not work with OS and programs in the form of an educational process, namely, technical operation, or administration. Now tell me, dear reader: have you seen a lot of Linux-literate administrators, in other words, nerds? Yes, seen, but slightly, mainly in fairly large cities, where there is a fairly large organization with a decent IT-infrastructure. All other content to Windows Server 2003 and coming sysadmin, part-time student at a local technical college, or pay extra part-time advanced to his employee. And that invite students to school-educated? He then session, then Retake, or even went to the practice (and holidays do not touch – is sacred.) Part-time pay extra to some of your employees? And what is this in mind – teacher of computer science called. But there is one "but" – he has enough of his affairs, he must teach, and not administrative lokalke school.

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