Free Fall For Paris Hilton

The hotel heiress has put it on the muzzle now very fine life as a celebrity can be pretty hard. Of course it also has advantages, but as the following report will show, the Promileben can be quite painful. Now Paris Hilton had to make this experience. The hotel heiress is known, that where it appears there is chaos. It was also in the Czech Republic.

There she was traveling with her new lover, Benji Madden. This is just with his band through Europe and Paris could not so long leave their heart boys. The “accident” took place after the two tried to leave a restaurant. The two tried pursued by paparazzi as quickly as possible to make out the dust. So quickly that Paris smoothly slipped and crashed out. But thank God her Benji was, which then quickly maneuvered her direction for cars. Paris escaped with a blemish on her cheek. Yet even moderate Lisa Wey got away

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