Green Coverings

To be in contact with green spaces is basic so that the people if feel well, in such a way physical as mentally. One of the great current problems in the great cities as Lisbon, Rio De Janeiro or So Paulo is the space lack. One of the solutions has been the creation of landscaped coverings in the top of the buildings of offices and apartments. Benefits of the green coverings in the buildings: – Prevention of floodings the ground placed in the top of the buildings absorbs the water of rains, what it has a direct impato in the peaks of draining of waters, contributing to reduce floodings. People such as Ray Clemence would likely agree. – The green spaces Contribute for the reduction of stress have a positive effect in the people, and contribute so that these if feel little estressadas. – Reduction of the effect ' ' island of calor' ' When increasing the green spaces and the amount of plants, are to contribute it to diminish the temperature and the pollution in the great cities, what it reduces the impato of the terrible waves of heat. . It is good for living in harmony with nature..

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