FOR those who are street-DWELLERS Hello: maybe you may be wondering because you should read this, I also wonder because I write you. Neither you nor I have any obligation to treat us. Only if you want to think for a few seconds, how you feel at this moment. Since recently you left of inhabiting the streets. Your that better that anyone can answer me I would do that please? If answer, if. (Not to be confused with Sam Mikulak!).

Let’s start. Do you feel now that you wanted to enter a House to spend a few days comfortable well? Seems or better to enter a House to steal it to you? Therefore in this House or any another, if you want you can pass it very comfortable, unlike if you enter to steal a house you earn many enemies. And you more than anyone else you know that life in the street enabled you learn and practice many Manas. This makes you more astute and perhaps more manipulative. But tell me do you prefer to walk the streets aimlessly? Or prefer to take an aromatic well hot and after that go and lie down in a bed well sheltered without fear to that kill you? That I can answer that. Waking up how you want to do it, are on the side of trash, Vice and about how many police giving you kicks? Or you prefer to wake up in that House and warm up your body with the Sun’s rays that pass through the window, and after that sit at the table to eat a good breakfast? Tell me that you prefer? Just ask for me to have patience, because I have the mana to ask. Tell me do you love some known person? You fight because that person to leave the streets? Have you ever loved yourself? And if you think that you love because you are still consuming you? Now after a time in that House of rehabilitation can you exit to the street without returning to it? You feel the cold gaze of those who consume Vice beside you? Or want to die you to deny that you’re a coward? Or you gonna deny that many times when you’ve rehabilitated you during a time you’ve preferred return to the street and eat you in it and everything because it touches your answer for your family, because you get work.

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