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Like all the other countries of the Caribbean, Jamaica pleasantly has an informal climate, music of the street and diversion. It reads some peculiar data on Jamaica in the following article. The single mention of the Jamaica word evokes blue beach images, Coco Las Palmas that sprinkle to the coasts and the relajante breeze of the sea. Said this, we throw a fast look to some things very interesting about Jamaica! Jamaica peculiar Data The following lines reveal some very interesting data about Jamaica, that without a doubt will make that it considers the planning of vacations and reserve his ebooking in Jamaica at some time. Although the official language is the English, the language most common in than the jamaiquinos communicate, the native language is a dialect that is an English and Creole hybrid between the African. Usain Volt, the three world-wide Olympic and plusmarquista gold times medallista of three times the fastest man on the Earth, is a jamaiquino! The official Religion is the Christianity, Jamaica and the jamaiquinos are a religious town. interesting fact about the jamaiquinos funny is that they give much importance to the religious education of the children. In accordance with this feeling, it is obligatory for all the state schools, to celebrate a recital of the Oration of the Gentleman all the mornings before beginning with the daily program of the school.

In addition, in agreement with the religious fervor of its inhabitants, Jamaica counts on more churches by square mile that any other Christian country in the world. Aside from the great athletes and sportsmen, Jamaica also has given to the world a great number of celebrities and personalities of glamour. Famous among them they are Afrika Bambaataa (Jamaican ancestry), Naomi Campbell (been born in the south of London, but of Jamaican inheritance), Busta Rhymes, Are Kingston, They are Paul, Morning call King Blanco and Devon. I need at least mentions Bob Marley separately? Here there are some peculiar data about Jamaica: The name of Jamaica is derived from the indigenous word Arawak Xaymaca, that, as well, means land of the wood and the water. The national tree of Jamaica is blue majagua (Hibiscus elatus); The national flower is the wood of the life (Lignum vitae) flowers; Doctor Bird (Trochilus polytmus) is the national bird; The vegetal brain and salty fish are the national plate of the most peculiar Jamaica of Jamaica is that it enters all the islands of the Caribbean, is the only one that remains sunny throughout the year! It is no wonder it is a favorite destiny between the tourists for vacations of beach. The alcohol consumption in places public is not prohibited (whenever you are greater of 18 years of age) in Jamaica, the purchase, sale or possession of drugs controlled like the heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, crack and the marijuana is illegal under the laws of Jamaica, and is a punishable crime. The form in which people give to loose rein to her calidez and hospitality and give the welcome to the visitors turns to the vacations and ebooking into Jamaica into a truly refreshing experience, as much for the body, as well as the soul. This feeling of welcome of the people of Jamaica is reflected well in the following appointment of Bob Marley: When people it arrives at Jamaica, we do not want that they think about the problems of Jamaica. So they come to be in its paradise.

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