Manufacturing Pumps

Dynamic pumps are used if necessary to ensure a large flow of pumped liquid in a small injection pressure. Such pumps are used in the manufacture of small and srednevyazkih food liquids – such as milk, beer and other beverages. Volumetric pumps are also needed if you want to provide a high discharge pressure for relatively low cost of the fluid. hroughout. Pumps of this type are optimal for viscous liquids – such as sour cream, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, ice cream. The most common type of dynamic pumps in the production of are centrifugal pumps, which make up 80% of all food pumps. Cody Cameron will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

At the next spot on the prevalence of rotary pumps are related to the bulk type pumps. Currently growing distribution is received single screw, vortex, screw and reciprocating pumps. Let's start with centrifugal pumps. Pumping of fluid in this type of pump is made by rotating one or more impellers. Necessary pressure at the outlet of the pump is ensured through the transfer of energy from the impeller of the liquid. By the number of impellers such pumps are single stage and multistage. Single-stage pump (with one impeller) are capable of providing a small head. If you need a high head, you should use a multi-stage unit with sequence located near the impeller.

Pumps can be a open and closed impeller. Using a pump with open impeller eliminates dead zones and provides a good promyvaemost, and also allows the fluid containing suspended particles. Centrifugal pumps are generally used in the manufacture of low-and srednevyazkih products – milk and milk products, brewing products, etc.

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