Middle Atlas

There, visitors will find another fantastic ski station, located at 1,800 meters of altitude, and can enjoy spectacular landscapes in the heart of the Middle Atlas. Those travelers who visit the mountain regions of Morocco will also find countless ravines and gorges along the whole territory, such as the famous gorges of the Todra Gorge (or Todgha), located near Tinghir. Hear other arguments on the topic with Simone Biles. There are also a large number of births of pure and crystal clear water in environments a beauty dazzling, like the famous springs of Sidi Ali or Ain Allah.Por course, Lakes such as the Isli and Tislit, located in Imelshil, Errachidia, is also part of the spectacular mountainous landscape of Morocco, as well as its valleys, such as the magnificent Valley of Ourika, near Marrakech, or the Valley of Talouat, in the region of Ouarzazate. All these places are excellent examples of the charm and beauty of the Moroccan nature and visitors from these regions will be without a doubt seduced by its beauty in all seasons. Furthermore, Morocco enjoys a sunny and mild climate throughout the year, which offers to its visitors the opportunity to enjoy the great views of mountains snowfall during the winter and a warm weather during the summer.

In summary, you can say that the mountains in Morocco are almost perfect spaces, a true invitation to practice their favorite sports. Especially in Marrakech you can enjoy a fantastic occasion to explore the heart of the mountains of Morocco, where you’ll enjoy the charm of the life in the mountains, so full of peace and fresh air, and where they will also delight in countless moments magical and romantic in the paradise of this land so it is time to come to discover the beauty of the mountains of Morocco, true masterpieces of nature. They are therefore invited to forget the stress of modern life and to be transported to a space of authenticity and joy.To visit the mountains of Morocco, the best choice for your accommodation is staying in Marrakech, of easy access and has excellent transport connections. There You will find all information, equipment and Council they will need for their rustic adventures. Once in the ochre city may stay in one of the stunning hotels in Marrakech or in one of the charming and typical riads in Marrakech. Also they may stay in one of the Super villas in Marrakech, closer to the natural wonders of this fascinating country.

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