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If you try to paint a picture of the current state of the Russian market of plastic windows, you have to use mostly dark colors. Manufacturers of pvc window constructions are now in a very difficult position. The explosive growth of the average 2003-2007. 20% brought to market participants confidence in the future together. So when the financial crisis, which seriously affected the domestic construction industry, many were not ready for this.

According to experts, as compared with the beginning of 2009 the sales of plastic windows at the end of the year fell by an average of 30-40%. A consumer preferences have shifted significantly in the direction of budget decisions. By According to the agency Symbol-Marketing, at the start of the crisis in Russia, there were about 3500 companies engaged in processing of pvc profiles and production of plastic window designs. No official statistics, but market participants argue that since the number of window manufacturers declined by at least 10%. According to experts, is currently about a third of firms specializing in producing pvc windows, is under threat of ruin. Already Now in the regions is clearly a trend of withdrawal from the market players in the first place is – small and medium-sized companies operating in local markets with poorly differentiated demand. So how do you survive now manufacturers of windows? How to cut costs, where to look for orders and any partners you choose? Wholesale or retail? One obvious way for manufacturers of pvc windows "stay afloat" is getting larger and longer-term contracts through bidding.

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