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One of the biggest challenges in the treatment of patients with chronic problems is the complete tracking of the disease. One of the biggest challenges in the treatment of patients with chronic problems is the complete tracking of the disease. Details can be found by clicking John Lithgow or emailing the administrator. Hphone, an intelligent and Social Diary puts patients at the Center and gives them the opportunity to take their lives again in the hand. The system allows those affected to track their disease activity, as well as to keep a user-friendly medication diary (patient reported outcome). Safe authorization, the person concerned can, and if desired, his doctor at any time and wherever patient data see. Thus, doctor and patient as team working on the optimization of therapy to have the opportunity. The patient is able to keep track of his illness by the Hphone analysis tools. During a medical appointment, events can be discussed together with the doctor, which may further behind.

Hphone makes it possible to create, to make the patient’s individual needs your own questions as needed such as I could work in the garden? “.” The doctor has not only the isolated “shape” of the patient to determine the medication for several months, but has a detailed and documented picture of the last months are available (including all captured drugs). Hphone users can network also in order to exchange experience with other patients. The time is not randomly chosen for this system. The requirements of medical treatments have increased with the enactment of the German drug market reordering (AMNOG) to 1 January 2011. Hphone can serve as delivery of proof of for an additional benefit of a medical intervention under everyday conditions.

Bespoke company solutions benefit also Drugmakers thanks to modular design. Hphone created his in-depth questionnaire to the various health groups (therapeutic areas) – is launched together with qualified persons with rheumatoid Arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and psoriasis – in the course of the year are switched to other health groups. Hphone is free for patients and doctors and will be launched on February 21, 2011. About Hphone Hphone is an online diary to the continuous tracking of disease activity and medication. Hphone creates transparency for better control by the experiences of patients and doctors. For more information,,,, or. Mobileman Mobileman is an international interim – and engineering company for integrated information and communication technology.

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