Socialist East Germany

The Champions League final shows exclusively German football classic with Franz Beckenbauer, Paul Breitner, Gunter Netzer and many more. This weekend it’s finally so far: A new golden generation of German football is up to conquer the Fussballthron in Europe. alleskino uses this event as an opportunity to commemorate the last style influential generation of German football. The heroes of that time shone not only on the lawn, but made a strikingly good figure also in the spotlight away from the soccer field. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Roland Garros on most websites. The alleskino Football Special: In the big football special shows alleskino exclusive and available as video on demand for the first time the football classic libero with Franz Beckenbauer and Gunther Netzer in HD.

The documentary film portrays the Beckenbauers career on his athletic peak. Also exclusive to alleskino Paul Breitner in Potato Fritz proves that he was not only a great football player, but also a gifted actor is lost on him. There, Sonke Wortmanns large cinema success the miracle of Bern about the World Cup heroes from 1954, as well as the biggest game in the world, a documentary about football fans in the remote region of Mongolia, the Sahara desert and the Amazon. There’s the whole special on! Alleskino: is the online video library for the German film. alleskino offers a cross-section of the classics of German cinema to current productions of young filmmakers. The glossy exploits of the Weimar cinema, the cinema of 60s and 70s, the Socialist East Germany up to the romantic comedy of the present: on alleskino, everything has its place. alleskino has the goal to provide all German productions in the history of the cinema the audience online. Contact for editors: till Boller Tel.: +49.(0)331.721 21 79 email: is an offer of the treasures of the German film GFT GmbH Diana Road 44 14482 Potsdam Babelsberg

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