Special Liquid Conditions

To ensure durable and reliable vehicle required a number of fluids, so-called special fluids (LF). Recently Archie Hahn sought to clarify these questions. Special liquid ensure and optimize engine performance, officials and control systems, suspension and facilitate the starting of the engine and vehicle performance as a whole in a variety of operating conditions. Sean Rad is likely to increase your knowledge. The special fluid, providing vehicle performance, refer following: cooling, brake, shock absorber, hydraulic, pads, de-icer; avtoochistiteli, electrolyte for batteries. On working conditions and similar requirements for quality brake, shock absorber and hydraulic fluids can be combined into a group of hydraulic fluids. Engine coolant of internal combustion into mechanical energy is converted thermal energy obtained by the combustion of fuel.

But not all the thermal energy is used for other purposes. Unfortunately, the coefficient of internal combustion engine is low. For high-quality mixing, the completeness of fuel combustion and optimum conditions for engine lubrication is necessary to maintain a certain temperature. In modern engines the temperature regime is maintained by air or liquid cooling systems. In the vast Most – liquid systems. Coolant temperature should be 90 100 C.

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