Success With Prussian Virtues

The crisis is forcing agencies to new thinking Christoph Niedermeier directs agency gronewald also in crisis to success. Fresh parafiert: the relaunch of a German hotel chain and a multimillion-dollar marketing cooperation. Here, the man from Bochum acts differently than the rest of the industry. BERLIN. For half a year, its industry of pneumonia Benitez: badly the agencies all over the world, many in danger of total collapse. Here in Berlin, most recruiters talk too many projects.

Everything is in the approximate, will never be realized. I think it is better to actively respond to the customers, to give him an information advantage through the own knowledge. Several months of the 42-year-old dealt with the theme of collaboration marketing, has explored the market and merged until potential partners. Just now he could convey a cooperation holiday, Europe’s largest provider of holiday, with Ergoline, the number one under the tanning providers and Roompot, when the vouchers to the value of 30 million Euro will be issued. Customers want fast results just in times of crisis. That is quite clear: better and more effective sales tools offers us, sums up Niedermeier.

Since then, he worked with his team on new paths to the customer. The ads in large newspapers and magazines is in his opinion not quite wrongly broken every crisis creates changes. One can understand that as an opportunity. “The co-operations marketing is one of the biggest budgets, we have gained over the last five years,” said Niedermeier. Now he wants to inspire particularly the German hotel industry for the theme of Connecting brands. A long term connection could initiate just Christoph Niedermeier gronewald and the Arcadia group of companies between his agency: 28 hotels the Group has all but Tulip homes branded and ready after a bankruptcy of the Tulip’s parent company in their portfolio, a brand relaunch. Christoph Niedermeier has worked for 11 years in advertising. Where he is so not the common stereotype of a referrer: he is neither marktschreierisch nor fashionable, nor he wiggled it is pseudo fine spiritual. Rather he is Prussian punctual, prepares intensively for his customers and their topics, and has an impressive knowledge. Perhaps the mix of things in question put it, coupled with the pleasure of maintaining the value that accounts for its success. He experienced Berlin prefers the cross bike from so you can experience the city up close. To be close to the action, it is important to him. The best reward for his work? To can still recover a customer after the loss of a budget. Its unobtrusive friendliness helps him. Also a simple change of perspective adjusting sometimes back the really important things. Responsible media contact: Christiane Eichhorn gronewald advertising + pr Anhalter str. 7, 10963 Berlin Tel. 030 700 94-806

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