We live in a world where already almost all we are connected,. to the Internet, to the television, radio, presses, in questions of seconds we can be connected with people in different parts from the world. 20 years ago more or less you could not imaginarte that in a same day, you would receive an article written in your native language, by a person who is more or less to 12 thousand kilometers of distance yours. But it is certain, in this article written by your coach personal, you will read three tips, of how you can also begin conectarte, with your potential To love. But. How I connect myself potential to love? . How many potential I must besides the one to love? As it encounter? . As I know that I am conectada/o.

You are questions will be answered by same you once you put in practices the following tips, that I share today with you: Conctate with the nature every day Destines a time to be in communion with the nature, this communion means to contemplate in silence all wonderful that there is in her, and to be quiet witness of the intelligence that there is in each living being and in each thing that there is in the nature. I know witness of a putting of the sun, to listen to singing of the birds, the noise of the waves, a river, of a lake, contemplates the beauty in a flower. In that ecstasy between silence, the contemplation and the nature you will be eyewitness who you, my loved reader, are a wonderful creation and are part of the infinite creativity of God. Conctate with potential you Destines a time of 30 minutes every day in the morning and 30 minutes at night to be in complete silence. While your mind is calmed down and you breathe, redescubrirs the first sound of the beats of your heart and little by little, day after day, while the turbulence of you goes out internal dialogue, awakes in you the wisdom and the recognition of your infinite potential. Potential you who say to you that all good and the wonderful one that you are, you want and you wish for you will occur you, because that is finally will of God for you. Conctate with an other new energy will revitalize your body and your mind from now on and you will rise and make all activities and while the beams, you will begin every day dicindote today I will not judge, I will not criticize, to nothing neither to anybody with that make contact today with enemy, nor like good nor like bad. This will help you to conectarte with the people to your around. Whenever it discovers to me with the habit to judge I will remember that I do not have to do it. these three the daily practice of tips, my loved reader, they will connect you to your infinite potential, among them the one to love.

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