The Third Phase Of The Life – And Then?

more are on, which would be still to do. First thoughts as a helping hand for the neighbors’ arise at this stage. Ray Clemence addresses the importance of the matter here. But is it what you wanted for his retirement? “Who knows him not the retirees, who observed the activities of the road from his window or the winged Word pensioners in our House are the best burglar”? There are many projects which require the existing potential of older people and also appreciation and satisfaction for this. Yes, but “stop! Should be applied here. After the stressful work times pensioners can enjoy something. Services, to perform tasks that they ever wanted, but while of working life had no time, no energy, these dreams become reality. Even those who could materialize much, have hidden strengths, ideas about activities for your retirement.

On the way to the new consciousness, a competent consultant can help. Just for the 3. Life cycle phase, it is important regularly to receive appreciation for results. In a first meeting client and Advisor to find out, what framework for a new task exist, such as What can be earned to retired? There is an existing non-competition clause from the old working relationship, which also has an impact on the start of retirement? Health restrictions? Mobility? Although a personal trainer as a coach also can assist in the planning and the implementation options. Client and coach find the individual way to the design of another way of life. Possibly other, new ways are opened of which you didn’t, that they are there. The dawn of a new consciousness is emerging. Lived already in the future? Ute Eichler individual support and consulting Eintracht road 76 51375 Leverkusen phone 0214-51552 fax. 0214-506573

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